We Should Ban Facebook Ourselves

Ban FacebookA lot of people are rejoicing at the ban imposed by the government on Facebook. Well, congratulations to the government on taking such a step. I do not know of too many Islamic countries who could be bothered to do the same. However, in my opinion, we should have taken the step ourselves by deleting our Facebook accounts. Government intervention is not really necessary. Or are we hypocrites. On one hand we blast Facebook and on the other hand we can’t live without it.

Facebook doesn’t earn money simply by someone visiting it. They earn money from advertisements. While advertisements can be avoided, the issue is that we continue to use a social network that has made fun of our Prophet (saw). This is obviously not done in the name of free speech but it is a deliberate ploy to insult and mock Muslims.

It was good to see that there we no violent protests this time around, but it is surprising to see that a lot of Muslims have said that we should ignore this event. First off, if we were to ignore it then why did bloggers all over Pakistan share this news in the first place. People who were not aware would not have taken notice anyway. Now that we know, we are told to ignore it. If someone makes fun of our father, we can’t tolerate it, but if someone makes fun of our prophet, how can we ignore it. Ignoring problems does not make them better. Proper steps must be taken to overcome them.

It was nice to know that a blasphemous website was hacked three days ago; just wondering why Facebook hasn’t met the same fate. What do Muslims gain from Facebook anyway, except the countless number of hours that are wasted. It would be better to give that time to academic education. Those who are married should spend more time with their wife and kids, instead of wasting it on Facebook.

To those people who think this is a mischief by a group of youngsters, I would like to disagree. These kinds of events get full support from social networks, organizations and governments, otherwise the page would have been deleted a long time ago. What do the governments of those countries not do to us that we continue to use Facebook. They invade our lands, shed our blood, rape our sisters, divide us to rule, destroy our homes, destroy our culture, insult our Prophet (saw), make fun of our religion, and we can’t delete one Facebook account. Shame on us!

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  1. Mowgli I was born in Pakistan and have lived there for a long time. I have some understanding of how courts in Pakistan work. I am pretty confident before passing this judgement of bannning face book the learned judge may not have cared to consult any internet specialist or anyone having any understanding of internet and contents available on it. I doubt if the learned judge ever tried to use internet himself. It is obvious that while passing the orders the learned judge did not bother see the Big picture, nature of internet and how it works. It would be unjust if at one point of time high court of supreme court orders stoppage of all internet for the public. It is depriving the ppl of a vast fund of knowledge and information. Living abroad for quite sometime, i was able to know some of the corrupt practices of our past and present rulers through the youtube. Is the court siding with the politicians?


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