War Drum Getting Louder and Louder

Many days have passed, and lot of water has flown down the bridges, since we last wrote about the December 2006, the deadline. As we wrote in June 2006, United States has now successfully installed a friendly government in Iraq and now looking beyond the borders, to Iran. Israel has been able to convince her friends for taking all the threats for once and for all and is Preparing for the reactions. The war drum is getting louder.

US is building its naval presence around the Persian Gulf and in the meantime, US officials have started accusing Iran of meddling with Iraqi affairs. Iran on the other hand is resisting, claiming her right of civil nuclear use and Iranian President has announced yesterday that he will give good news, to his nation, by April 09, 2007. War drum is beating, getting louder and louder, history is repeating, the question is how much the world is prepared? The war this time might be simple military confrontation as that of US confrontation with Afghanistan and Iraq or it might become WW3 with nukes flying over the world.

Its time for the world’s political leadership and ordinary citizens to think about the consequences of the expanding military confrontations and rising number of natural calamities around the world. Some countries are preparing for the Nuclear War while others are building Vaults for the seeds to survive the Armageddon.

Its time for us to evaluate if we are prepared, for any major natural disaster or WWIII? If not then its time to have a disaster management and recovery plan on hand, for ourselves and our families at least. After the Asian Tsunami hit South Asia and the Earthquake struck Pakistan, there was lot of talking about Disaster Management and Tsunami warning systems but still there is nothing on ground. People have forgotten about them now. Since governments are doing nothing, it’s advisable that the citizens have contingency plans of their own. We need to be optimistic with golden hopes, yet prepared for the worse. Those who survive, needs water, food, shelter, medicine and other basic supplies. At least there should be backups for water and food supply along with some sort of shelter.

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  1. Sadia: You are correct. The apprehension is not on any particular event but on not being prepared for any. It would be much better, i think, to spend the money on building reserve resources, rather than on wasting it on things like blood sport(Basant).

    Kashif: I agree with you, partially. Not doubt, we should be preparing for the Day of Judgement but also for this life as well. Death is not always sudden and you must be aware that number of people killed by the earthquake in Pakistan and Tsunami in Asia was much less than the number of people made homeless/displaced/refugees. Same is with Iraq war and all other conflicts.

  2. ‘Saman sau baras ka aur pal ki khabar nahi’ – While there is no harm in disaster management and planning for the rainy days, we have to prepare for the ultimate, the hereafter. Some plan for a week, a month, a year or 10 years, but death is cruel and sudden. It’s better if we spent this precious time to collect and dispatch what we can use on the Day of Judgment

  3. Dawood and Fahd: You both have echoed out the fears of all Pakistanis. The fear is not of war or US or India or anyone else, the fear is of the destruction caused by any “eventuality”.

  4. the olive ream: I have read your blog. You have raised serious issues in a very light tone. Your sense of humour is commendable. Nice Work!

    Fahd: Your post was a good piece on the subject and I share your views. No doubt, considering ourselves the most favourite ally of US, would be a mistake as US has her own interests, which do not necessarily match with that of us or with the whole world, combined. However, the point I wanted to highlight was that considering the situation around, time has come for us to be prepared for any eventuality.

  5. I can’t agree more with you. True words, though far-fetched. Not so long ago, right here at Chowrangi, I tried to express more or less the same sentiments.

    Some people are of the view that as the war is going on in Afghanistan and is affecting Pakistan very little (couple of suicide bomb attacks each month), so will be the war in Iran. So why should worry, as we are most favourite allies of US.

    In my view, people who think like above are dead wrong. Its highly likely that our turn is round the corner. I just wonder what would be the plea to attack us?


  6. I’m glad you addressed the same subject. It is imperative that we do so to make people aware of the very strong possibility of what is to come.

    I’ve highlighted the same topic in my blog several times. I just hope those who read take notice and are aware of what is actually going on.


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