Defending the Deadline – December 2006

The deadline for December 2006 is spreading like a Jungle Fire. The deadline surfaced couple of weeks ago and it seems everybody is adopting it.
Deadline means a point of time by which something must be completed. Everyone has his own tasks to complete and everyone has his own interests at stake.

United States:Already engaged in Iraq and a new front in Iran is in the offing, has already forgotten North Korea and can’t forget about new play ground so December is the deadline to put friendly government in Iraq and to plan about Iran.

Israel: US is busy in Iraq and Iran is threatening to erase Israel form the World Map. December is the deadline to eliminate threat from Islamic countries including Iran by convincing US that future of US lies in Tehran.

Iran: US and Israel are determined to rip Iran of his atomic technology. After Iraq, Iran’s oil will be required by US economy. December is the deadline for Iran to make A-Bomb secretly or openly to keep its oil reserves for itself.

Musharraf: Next General Elections are approaching and new Parliament may not be as disciplined as present one. December is the deadline to get uniform for next 5 years from present assembly.

Shujaat Hussain: Due to impeccable performance, total eradication of poverty and people friendly budget, its very unlikely that Muslim League will be able to get votes enough to make a government. December is the deadline to secure uniform for Musharraf so that he can secure government for Muslim League.

Nawaz Sharif – Benazir: Next general elections are the only chance for getting into Pakistan and clearing all the debts which have been added to the family’s accounts since both lost the Prime Minister’s slot. December is the deadline to strike some deal with USA and secure entry to the PM House and to the wallets of Pakistani Banks.

Muslims: Adopting moderated enlightenment. December is the deadline to fully adopt code of life prepared by Mr. Bush to win economic growth, peace, security, sovereignty and to secure National Interest and International Loans.

Industrialist: Future is uncertain so mint as much money as you can. There may not be buyers in 2007 so empty their pockets now. Hoard as much sugar, cement and food items as possible. December is deadline for filling bank accounts for next 100 years.

People: World will be totally changed in 2007 though it depends on how many deadlines are met. Choose a place in the world to live, before December. Those who can’t find a chair in the musical game must wait..

Moral of the Story: December is the Deadline.

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