One of the buzzword, which has wore out in the west, but is still in vogue in Pakistan is “Value”. Every one seems to providing unique and better value with his services or products. Some chant it so loudly, their main products are shrouded by the value added services. It has become yet another misguiding principle out there.

Value is not something which is just for cosmetics. Its not just to lure customer or user towards a product, it is which enables user to be a passionate user, who love what they do without any fear or apprehension. Value is something which brakes the emotional and mental barriers of the user, its not something which is garish and one-time wonder.

A key question every producer of a service or a product should ask when starting out is around the idea of what value their product or service will give users. It’s easy to go a tad bit stale and stagnant and so reviewing the value that you’re adding is an important part of keeping things fresh and sparkling.

Value can be about many things including entertainment, education, community, information, companionship etc Without it you’re not likely to get users returning to your product or service, referring to it or striving for its improvement or evangelizing for it.

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