Untalented Famous Blogger

I was flipping through the blogs last night and came across Fahd Mirza posting about some gobbledygook. He’s a hugely successful blogger, so much that he is hated by half of the world, and rest half just adore him. People all over the world love him. He’s posted tens of millions of blog posts. This presented me with a mystery.

To me, Fahd Mirza sounds like a shockingly untalented guy with a lot of fake writing training. Why do I perceive him that way when millions of his fans do not?

One explanation is that I have excellent taste in blogging while the people who read his blogs do not. Yay for me! I am bloggingly gifted and superior despite my inability to read the whole series of Harry Potter!

The other explanation is that I am mentally defective. I was born without whatever gene would allow me to take pleasure in this particular type of art. Since so many people have the capacity to enjoy his writings, it must be normal to like it. I am nothing but defective and abnormal.

I see this situation every day, but I’m usually on the receiving end. People e-mail or leave comments in various blogs telling me that Fahd Mirza sucks, despite the fact it’s in 2,000 newspapers, in 65 countries, with 20 million Fahd Mirza posters and calendars sold. I admire the self-esteem of the people who look at the incompatibility between my commercially successful skepticism and their sense of humor and conclude there’s something terribly wrong with me.

The e-mail I have NEVER received goes like this: “I do not enjoy Fahd Mirza, but since many people do, I assume the problem is on my end. Something is wrong with me and I am just writing to let you know I am defective. You are not alone on the planet, so you and me becomes eleven, and we can start waging a war against that bland elf of a blogger.”

This is one of those “everything you need to know about human beings” situations. Any incompatibility between a human and the world is seen as proof that the world is screwed up. If a politician wants to give ME a tax break, he’s a visionary. If he wants to give YOU a tax break, he’s a frickin’ thief.

Describe the last time you disagreed with a popular opinion, about anything, and concluded that the problem is with you?

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