Umar Khayyam

Do you have a problem with your memory? Read this: “Umar Khayyam is famous for his powerful and beautiful quatrains, the Ruba’iyat. It is said that once, in Isfahan, he went to the library where he saw a rare book that he wanted to study at home. He was not allowed to take the book out of the library fearing that the extraordinary book might not make it back. Umar Khayyam studied that large arithmetical book sitting in the library.

One day a man came to the same library carrying a book and requested the in charge to compare it with the original book there. Seeing, the librarian thought it was an original book that had been taken out without his permission. Of course it was not the case.

Umar Khayyam’s memory was unusually sharp. He had reproduced the whole book from his memory without mistake when he returned to Nishapur.

Copies were compared. There was hardly any difference.”

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