Transcript from Air Blue blame Captain for crash – CAA concludes

Transcript from Air Blue blame Captain for crash 18 months after the fateful Air Blue plane crash in Islamabad, the transcript of conversations between Pilot, First Officer and Control Tower has been made public by the Civil Aviation Authortiy (CAA).

AirBlue flight ED-202 crashed in the Margalla Hills on July 28, 2010, killing all 146 passengers and 6 crew members on board.

Incidentally, the blame has been squarely placed on the Captain, who is not here to defend himself.

Wonder what took them so long to find this out.

According to Dunya News the communication between Pervez Iqbal Chaudhry and the first officer Muntajib Ahmad, goes like this:

The flight left Karachi at 07:50 local time. Pilot Pervez Iqbal and first officer were served tea.

During flight, captain gave some instructions to the first officer; however, his behaviour was offensive and inappropriate.

The first officer was silent; he did not challenge the captain’s mistakes.

8:33 – aircraft reached at altitude of 4,300 ft and was guided by radar controller to stay at 3,900 ft.

8:35 – while flying at 3,700 ft, captain put the landing gear down.

8:36 – Captain Pervez contacted Air Traffic Controller and confirmed weather condition.

8:38 – first officer asked “Can you see the runway”, pilot responded “I can see”

8:39 – the pilot was told “immediately turn left, Margalla [Hills] are ahead”, pilot again replied “we can see it”

First officer told pilot “hills are ahead”, pilot responded “taking left now”

On the occasion, automated warning systems indicated “terrain ahead” two times.

8:41:06 – first officer declared “Sir, we are going down, sir, we are going down”

Suddenly control tower lost contact with the aircraft.

According to report, automated systems indicated five warnings when it moved closer toward hills and total 13 “terrain ahead, pull up” warnings were indicated.

Interestingly, the report was submitted in January 2012 to Peshawar High Court, hearing the petition filed by ex-MNA Marvi Memon and victim’s families, who rejected it at that time – calling it incomplete.

As mentioned earlier, the investigation to find the cause of Bhoja Air crash near Islamabad may reach to same conclusion, that is, it will blame the captain for the crash.

Well done, CAA.

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  1. It is 2016 and I read those comments above mostly blaming CAA. That is not the case here. The actual line by line transcript is all out on web and anyone can read it. It is lengthy. and it boils down to this

    The captain after take off, humiliated the first officer for like 30 minutes. it was like he would ask a question, first officer would reply and then the captain makes fun of his answer and degrade him.

    After this humiliating session, one hour was total silent which was abnormal. two people sitting in the cockpit in silence for one hour is absolutely aberrant. This was the result of the humiliation session the captain conducted and it damaged the self esteem of the first officer.

    When the flight reached Islamabad, it was the bad weather. The auto pilot was still engaged. Control tower told directed them but the captain was in his usual “I’m the highness” mood rejected the instructions. His recorded words on black box were “Bolney do jo wo bol raha ha. Mujhe pata ha me kya kar raha hoon” [Let him say what he is saying, I know what I’m doing”] This anyone can understand was utter nonsense by the captain.

    The lowest point in Islamabad is 2500 meters. The captain instructed the 1st officer to bring it down to 2000. 1st officer told the captain about the 2500 meter limit but the captain scolded him harshly. The plane was down to 2300 meters.

    At this point the auto pilot was still engaged and unless you disengage it, you cannot control the plane manually. The instruments started giving warning “Terrain Ahead, Pull Up” for 13 times.

    The 1st pilot told the captain to steer it to the right, captain ignored. instead he got so confused that while pulling the lever he shouted “why is it not turning? ” remember he had to disengage the Auto pilot.

    The 1st officer shouted “Sir we are going down. Sir we are going do…” These were the last words.

    Now you all with the comments above. tell me is CAA making fool when they say it’s pilot’s fault? or you don’t have the full information. Air Blue cooperated well with the authorities. The 6 member team of Airbus was called to carry out the investigation. I think Airblue did all the best and CAA conducted the inquiry in a professional manner.

    Search for the AirBlue black box transcript full on Internet and you will find a long long session in the cockpit along with the time.

  2. Y it take so long to reveal such kinda fact? well whatever! MAY ALL THE SOULS REST IN PIECE. AMEEN.. I dun think so the above mentioned facts are correct. Y didnt pilot take that serious? Is he was MAD? or CAA makin us FOOL? They think we are MAD?


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