Air Blue plane crash in Islamabad

Indeed it is a sad start to the day in Pakistan today when AirBlue flight got crashed into Margalla hills Islamabad having 150+ people on board including crew members. The plane had reportedly lost contact with the control tower during the crash probably because of thick fog and heavy rainfall in Islamabad.

The flight was asked to delay landing at the Islamabad airport as the airport was busy. Another version of the media report says the plane was re-routed to Lahore due to bad weather at Islamabad. Whether it was an error of judgment by the pilot or lack of proper communication by the control tower, the fateful AirBlue AirBus went down in the dense hillside near Shah Faisal Mosque. The wreckage can be seen in video footage in news bulletins with fierce fire raging and smoke emitting from the crash site possibly from an explosion in fuel tanks.

There are confusions about the route of flight too. Some news reports claim that the plane was coming from Turkey to Islamabad via Karachi, while some say that it a scheduled Karachi Islamabad flight. According to Karachi airport website the flight ABQ-202 was bound for Islamabad from Karachi and took off at 7:30 am as a regular flight.

Weekly schedule of the flight ABQ 202 as provided by the Karachi Airport website proves the flight was indeed originated from Karachi for Islamabad.

The sad news spread like wild fire through social media this morning as soon as it happens. Facts and figures and hopes and prayers for the survivors were all over the timeline of twitter. Express tribune has done a remarkable job as it updated the news with details of the incident almost every 5 minutes. Real time updates of the crash are still coming as rescue work has begun and there are hopes for the survivors too. Unfortunately, Airblue website has no updates regarding the crash or rescue information for the families of the people on board so far.

Here is how the social media (Twitter) is reporting AirBlue crash updates:

ZareenZ shared a picture of Margalla Hills where the plane is crashed.

Phone numbers for any info on today’s #AirBlue crash in #Islamabad: +92-51-9211223-4. ~ Dr_Afaq

ABQ 202 is “On Time”. #airblue website at at 12:52 pm, July 28,’10; their flight schedule. #islamabad #crash ~ QasimNauman

20 bodies recovered. No survivors /bodies reached PIMS though its been more than 1 & 1/2hr ~ Express 24/7 reporter Sabur Ali Syed #airblue ~ kashaziz

RT @ayeshaesque: Authorities at #Islamabad airport has shut the news channels & switched to entertainment ones #Pakistan #Airblue ~kashaziz

12 people who were supposed to be on the tragic Air Blue flight decided not to travel today for one reason or another #airblue #islamabad. ~ Jehan Ara

Search and rescue operations underway in #islamabad after #pakistan airblue crashes in margalla hills. So far 5 survivors , 5 dead. ~ lyse doucet

Real time Twitter updates related to AirBlue plane crash can be checked here.

Dawn published passenger list of the fateful Airblue ABQ 202.

AirBlue is a six year old private airline operating in Pakistan with low fare offers as compared to PIA. Probably that is why people prefer to fly with them but why the flight operation was not canceled when weather reports are not so good for both Karachi and Islamabad? only Civil aviation authorities could answer that.

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  1. yar yeh plane anti craft gunzzz say khud giraya giya tha wo kisi sarkari jagah ka upar say guzra waha ijazat nai the jana ki ,waha anti craft gunz ki firing ke gaye the……

  2. its all the gambling of our politicians…actualy it was to destroy da KOHATA PLANT..and 6 members of black water were also present in it..and our pilots saved them by giving the deaths of 155 people..not 155 people but actualy 155 famalies..its a long long we need to pray 4 them..

  3. Just pray for the people who died.
    none ofus know wat happened so dnt make ur own stories. fitna is even prohibited in islam. thanks

  4. For our loving Pakistani who were killed in crash….
    Crashes are biggest night mare of the passengers. Islamabad crash is one of the deadliest crash in human history.

    -A man from India


  6. SALAM I HAVENT GOT WORDS 4 TO SAY ANYTHING WOTS HAPPENING IN OUR LAND THERE IS 80% CHANCE OF SHOT DOWN. NO BLACK BOX FOUND. IN OUR LAND V KILL PEOPLE BY MACHINES 4 2 HELP OF KAFERS, THEN V FLOAD THEM 2 DEATH N LEAVE THEM HOMELESS, THEN SAY NATURES INCIDENT, WOT R V KILLER OF OUR MUSLIM FAMILY, SHAHEED, THIEFS, OR muslims. i only request 2 the families of people died in crash that ur family memmbers have been killed plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont let murderer run awy this time 4 others. they tell u that your childrens,brother,sister,mother or father r shaheed but sorry 2 say this is only ALLAH knows. dont 4give them. in plane my muslim family died. YOU R MY FAMILY. i m a muslim LIVE 2GATHER OR DIE DIVIDED. ALLAH MAY BLESS ALL MUSLIM CREATURE THOSE WHO R NOT AMOUNG US. AMEEN

  7. I heard from my friend that In Dr.Shahid Masood’s programe he talked about this incident in his own vision.
    “He said that after 9/11 the international laws for flights all over the world were changed. And the Goverment offices, command offices and Parliment houses were declared as NO FLYING ZONES. And it was also declared that and plane flying through this zone will be shot down. So no matter whether that plane would be carrying passangers. So what happened in AIR BLUE plane crash in Islamabad. As the plane entered NO FLY ZONE and parliment house was also very close to the site of the accident. The probability of a possible ground attack can not be ignored”.

  8. may ALLAH rest their souls in heavens and pray also for the transparent investigation for this crash because of saving from further incident in the future

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