The pain of losing…

When night falls, my heart fills with the memory of my precious…? Mobile. I lost it few days back…Infact I did not lose it but it was stolen by. I know many of you must have heard that type of incidence or many of you may have experienced it. It’s getting common in our society. I mean mobile robberies. Not only mobile robberies but also other robberies are increasing…like my friend lost her purse having important documents. Why is it so? Why people do that kind of act which brings tears in other eyes? Why these robbers take pleasure in hurting others? Don’t they have heart to feel others pain…Yes they don’t have. They are cruel beasts and are not humans. Even they kill others for money… the big example is terrorism, but one thing they should keep in mind that, there is one who is looking at their acts and one day they have to answer him of their doings and that day is not far when they would be punished by HIM.

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