The Nakhlah School in Karachi

Nakhlah School is yet another school in Karachi that claims to impart a mix of Islamic Education along with “regular” academics. (O Levels, in their case).

So far, the experience of mixing Deen with Duniya is not successful. We have seen a school that progressed for a while but then busted like a bubble, another school is trying to brand Islam for the elite. Whether Nakhlah is successful in this, we can not say for sure.

Following are some details about Nakhlah School for those who are interested.
Nakhlah School Karachi

Nakhlah School is managed by people following the Deobandi school of thought, particularly the Tableeghi Jama’at. They have six campuses in Karachi, at PECHS, Tipu Sultan Road, Shaheed-e-Millat Road and Kashmir Road.

One can not learn anything about the school from their website as it is still under construction. No background material about the history and management of school is available at school.

Fee Comparison:

Comparing the fee of Nakhlah School with Reflections School:

  Nakhlah Reflections
Admission Fee 25,000 50,000
Security Deposit 12,000 12,500
Annual Fee 3,500 Not mentioned
Monthly Fee 5800 8,470

Admission Fee is Non-Refundable.

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  1. Asalam o alaikum i want to ask admission process in nesary also tell me plz admission fees monthly fee..nd what the procedure of hifz jazak Allah


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