The expected India Pakistan War

People have already started talking about the expected indo-pak war. I came across a number of people in the past two days, who are scared to death because they fear that India might attack Pakistan. Is war the only solution? India thinks that Pakistanis are involved in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Many such people, who call themselves Pakistanis, are killing their own brothers in Pakistan.

These terrorists are not Pakistanis. They are not Muslims. They are not even humans. These are insane people who are snatching away the lives of innocent people in the name of Islam. How can India even think of attacking Pakistan when Pakistan itself is not a safe haven for its very own people? Being a Pakistani, I can unquestionably say that Pakistan doesn’t have anything to do with these attacks. The terrorists and extremists who were involved in these attacks don’t belong to any particular country. In fact such people are everywhere now. What they want is to create panic; they want to create misunderstandings among the countries.

India should not accuse Pakistan of the terrorism which prevailed in Mumbai. And if any case, war will broke among the countries, then the entire world should know that Pakistanis are united, they are one. Don’t forget the war of 1965 when people, instead of getting scared and not leaving their houses, were on the streets. I still visualize the images which I was told by my grandparents regarding the war. Many people of Lahore with their minute weapons moved towards the Wagah border. They had no proper weapon but they were more than willing to die for their country. They were patriotic then and they are patriotic now. Pakistan is our motherland and we will do whatever we can, to save our country.

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  1. all we would need to do is arm the sikhs and the dalits and i can bet they would go rampage against their brahmin oppressors –whose feet they have been massaging and licking their whole life

    indian army chief admitted that war with Pakistan would be disastrous, and indian is militarily not ready to confront Pakistan.

    but do always consider yourselves invited. you indian vegetarians would be floating in your own blood and guts down the ravi river.

    keep blowing the hot air…..indians cant do shit.

  2. @Tilal: I do not understand how the paki government has been able brainwash its people throughout history. Its amazing.To Tilal, dude if all the wars you mentioned were won by pak, then kashmir would not have been a part of India. Look round you – Pak is disintegrating right in front of ur brainwashed eyes – Economically, Politically, and gradually even Militarily. And do you know the reason why? The reason is that pakistan has never prioritized its choices well. I firmly believe that religion is just a means to an end, not an end in itself. Its always been religion over everything else. You do not have water, but talk of war. Your government coffers are empty, but you talk of missile development programmes. How long will you guys keep on buying war equipment and funding the so called jehadis out of moneys received through aid. You know, the situation in pak is ideal to fester a civil war if it continues this way. And if that happens, you know, with 173 million people, and 3 billion guns, you dont need an india or USA or Israel to interfere. Pakistan will take care of itself.

  3. India attacked on Pakistan in 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999. Except 1971 our brave soldiers kicked their assess right in front of whole world and they rushed to united states and United Nation for stopping the war, like a child runs towards his mother. If you are good enough then attack Pakistan you son and daughters of bitches and after that don’t try to run to America when we will kick your assess. We will tell you what it tastes like when you attack a Lion with empty hands. Come on you idiots.

  4. india already launched israeli satellites to spy on iran –yet india still calls iran their friend…

    If Pakistan is smart, they will play a role as bridge between China and Russia (like what we did when we bridged the gap between China and USA during the 1960s).

    USA is not a friend of Pakistan anymore. When there leaders come or when our leaders go there, they exchange pleasantries and gifts. But the truth is, we are sick of american behaviour not just in Pakistan but in all of Asia.

    indians can go ahead and play with them. We must work with our true allies — with most focus on China, Turkey….also we should work closer with Iran.

    USA may be neutral about it today….but that is only because they dont want us to shift troops out of Pukthoonkhwa. We joined this so-called ‘war on terrorism’ and look what it has brought us!!!

    we must find a political solution on Pak-Afghan border, and not be wary to tell america to screw herself.

  5. obviously ankit you dont want reason and logic. Do you have any answers for the above replies? All blogs I visited they are just abusing us prolly cursing their Indian (Mulsims) as well. The generalities concluded are worse and they will turn flat on indian face. very soon. Had Pk been involved even remotely US would have bashed us much harder. They are just playing neutral since at this point they cannot affors to refuse India (new strategic partner) against Russia and China. Ver soon my friend you will have to make a choice to which bloc you shall concede too and than it shall be all over. The rhetoric made by Indian politician about destab Pk isnt in their favor if they come to think of it. Nuke us we nuke you back simole math. More pressure would only cause chaos that innocent Indian junta doesnt realize and is continuously being used as puppets by establishment.

    You ask us why cannot we arrest. Where is the proof? then concealing col prohits story you would still be needing proof for samjhota exp blast. hmm?

    I hope israelis forgive you what you commandos have done to theri people since thats gonna be bad if they get intertwined with the issue. well some bad blood has been created already I am sure. Since you cant bullshit the bullshitter.

    Give us Prohit first from indian soil. Give us LK Advani from Indian soil. The past crimes precede the later in serving justice. Why cant indians so lame accepting their own faults.

  6. Might i also add for ankit and the audience:

    there were some guys caught in the tribal areas who were uncircumsized, meaning they were Indian (either agents or indians working for spies to destabilize Pakistan)

    India is involve in Baluchistan and NWFP instability. They were also involved in Marriot bombing, but our govt is trying to be too nice …. these indians are always painting themselves to be victims when they are the aggressor. They are learning this tactic from their new master (israel)

    khasi salay

  7. ankit — listen carefully. Baat achi taara sunlow teek hain…?

    Your RAW and india itself is not innocent either –i know you guys call yourselves some ”future superpower” (lol) and worlds biggest democracy (lol…)

    But your RAW is no angel either. The weapons being used by tehreek e taleban are funded and smuggled by indian agents. They are russian weapons with serial numbers –whereas guns used by tribesmen are local or chinese and dont even have serial numbers

    you ındıan support BLA which is guilty of terrorist attacks in Pakistan -Baluchistan. Here is a list of indian suspects we are demanding for questioning. Hand them over –then we will cooperate.

    we have nothing to hide. No Pakistani was responsible for indian attacks. This was an indian attack by indians, and not stopped by indian intelligence. It seems that with elections coming up –the only one gaining from this is BJP and all those bloody hindu right wing nationalists

    here is the list:

    (1) Ajay Verma, a Karnatika resident and directly involved in bomb blast at Sialkot in which 7 people were killed,

    (2) Manoj Shastri alias Javed Khan, resident of Mumbai, wanted for killing of 14 Namazees at a Karachi Mosque,

    (3) Raju Mukherjee, resident of Calcutta, wanted for bomb blast in Lahore in which 9 people were killed,

    (4) Mr. Bal Thackeray, resident of Bombay, Chief of Shiv Sena, wanted for organizing at least three major massacres in Pakistan in which some 33 people were killed and a highly active in organizing ethnic and sectarian clashes in different parts of Pakistan,

    (5) Vivek Khattri alias Kaala Pathaan, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for at least four bomb blasts in which over seventeen people were killed,

    (6) Ashok Vidyarthi alias Aslam resident of Ajmair Sharif, wanted for sniper shooting at an Imam baargah in Karachi, killing some 14 Shias,

    (7) Rajan Nikhalje alias Chhota Rajan, wanted for a number of terrorist attacks in different cities of Pakistan including a bomb blast in Sabzi Mandi Islamabad and a bomb blast in Quetta. Chhota Rajan is now launching terrorist operations in Pakistan from Indian Missions in Kandahar and Jalalabad (Afghanistan) and is head of RAW’s organized Crimes Wing or Special Operations Division (SOD), he is also wanted for killing of Chinese Engineers in Baluchistan and organizing the murder of some Chinese workers near Peshawar

    (8) Asotosh Srivastava alias Maulvi Nazir alias Mulla, resident of Alahabad, wanted for firing on an imambargah in which 9 people were killed,

    (9) Ashok Dube alias Shah Jee, resident of Gandhi Nagar (New Delhi), wanted for killing some 11 Namazees in a Lahore Mosque,

    (10) Sanjive Joshi, resident of Bombay, wanted for comprehensive assistance in terror attack on a Christian Mission School near Murree,

    (11) Ramparkash alias Ranu alias Ali, resident of Hyderabad Daccan, wanted for terror attack on a Christian Hospital in Taxila (he is also identified as a graduate of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terror training camp, located near Sarojini Nagar),

    (12) Ramesh Verma, resident of Pune, wanted for terror attack in Sheikhupura, killing 7 innocent citizens

    (13) Bihari Mishra, wanted for organizing a number of terror attacks in Pakistan through his terrorists of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terrorist school,

    (14) Manoj Kulkarni, resident of Colkata, wanted for terror attack in Attok , killing 17,

    (15) Venkatash Raghwan, resident of Mahablaishwar, wanted for terror attacks in Rawalpindi, killing some 9 people,

    (16) Ajit Sahay, a former RAW Deputy Director, now attached with Chotta Rajan, wanted for organizing attack in Hyderabad (Sindh),

    (17) Ashok Vohra alias Nepali, wanted for printing fake Pakistani currency and spreading it worldwide, particularly in Nepal, UAE and UK and also organizing a terror attack in Gujranwala in which 8 people were killed,

    (18) Vijay Kapali alias Guru, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for terror attack on an AJK village, killing 13 of a family. He is also working for RAW’s cross border operations wing,

    (19) Vivek Santoshi, resident of Calcutta, wanted for organizing terror attack on some US citizens and killing them in Karachi,

    (20) Mohandas Sharma, resident of Patna, wanted for planning and executing terror attacks on foreign nationals in Pakistan at least on three occasions,

    (21) Ramgopal Soorati, resident of Soorat, wanted for terror attack in Jhelum, killing 9 through a bus blast on the highway,

    (22) Rakesh alias Kalia, resident of Bombay, wanted for terror attack in Kasur,

    (23) Parkash Santoshi, resident of Lucknow, wanted for terror attack on a religious gathering in Lahore,

    (24) Aman Verma alias Pappoo alias Gulloo, resident of Aagra, wanted for terror attack in Peshawar in which 11 people were killed,

    (25) Mohinder Parkash alias Yasin Khan alias Riaz Chitta, resident of Lucknow, wanted for organizing terror attacks in different parts of Sindh,

    (26) Ashish Jaithlee alias Shaikh alias Osama, resident of Bombay downtown, wanted for providing explosives to the terrorists who killed French engineers in Karachi and also to those who carried out Marriot bombing, these explosives were provided through Pak-Afghan border

    (27) Manohar Laal alias Peer Jee alias Ubu Khalid, resident of Gohaati, wanted for providing explosive devices for attack on Foreign Mission building in Karachi,

    (28) Ramnarayan alias Mufti, resident of New Delhi, wanted for providing huge consignments of automatic weapons to activists of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and banned Lashkar-e-Tayyaba

    (29) Arun Shetty, resident of Bombay and wanted for bulk infiltration of explosives, arms and ammunition into Pakistan,

    (30) Nikhanj Laal, resident of Hurryana, wanted for terror attack in border city of Narowaal, killing seven people,

    (31) Sunil Verma alias Httyara, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for organizing terror attack on Daily the Nation’s office n Karachi,

    (32) Ashish Chowan, resident of New Delhi, wanted for supply of arms and assisting latest terror attacks in Quetta. Ashish is presently reported to be present in Indian Consulate of Kandahaar (Afghanistan),

    (33) Babloo Srivastva of Chhota Rajan gang for providing highly sophisticated weapons to a sectarian outfit in Pakistan and assisting in missile attacks on UN offices in Islamabad in year 2000,

    (34) Suresh, alias Aamir alias Akbar Khan wanted for providing weapons and explosives to militants in Wana and North Waziristan through Afghanistan and

    (35) Abu Bakkar, wanted for a number of terror attack in different parts of the country and now living in India with a new identification under the blessings of Indian spy agency RAW.

    Surprisingly, name of former Indian Deputy Prime Minister L. K. Advani is not included in this list, though Advani is also wanted by Karachi Police for years and Pakistan has been asking India for his extradition to Islamabad.

  8. Its not matter of terrorists its a matter of establishing a nation is a terrorist. Besides the jehadis you mentioned are banned and outlawed in Pakistan. I heard that their origin is from occupied Kashmir. Nonethelss, no one wants terrorists to be thriving. the are htting us worse. The attitude of Indian media and politician is only hate mongering and painful. This is not the way to ask for help and neither a way to start a war. We are with innocent indians but are they with us? or our brother n sisters in India? please ask yourself this question.

  9. @Ankit: why is India not arresting Bal & Raj Thackeray as well as Narendra Modi (who is responsible for the murder of 2000-3000 Muslims)? Or is it terrorism only when Muslims kill, while Hindus can kill without being called terrorists?

  10. even if India believes what Pakistan says that neither they nor the ISI is involved in the mumbai attacks why are they not taking any actions against those who are responsible for it.
    it is very much known that lashkar-e-toeba is operating from Pakistani soil.
    why is Pakistan so afraid to attack or even arrest these terrorist??
    i don’t even understand what type of a government is running in Pakistan?
    India is just asking for action against these terrorist..
    and Pakistan clearly seems to have no answer for that which makes its so obvious for a Pakistani government hand in sponsoring these devils.


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