The death of blogs

As weblogs proliferated earlier this decade, it was reported earlier this year that 200 million people have given up blogging, more than twice as many as are active. Given the average lifespan of a blogger and the current growth rate of blogs, it is said that blogging has probably peaked. Which isn’t to say that blogging is dead. Quite the opposite. Blog aggregator Technorati estimates that 3 million new blogs are launched every month.

Good bloggers take blogging as a job. Successful bloggers like successful employees, have the same routine: Eat, sleep, and the work.

But that’s not a recipe for healthy living, especially if you’re working a day job that’s not paying you to blog. It’s one of the reasons average people give up blogging or blog less frequently.

Some people think that stuff posted on blogs sparks a momentary flash until readers surf to the next website, unlike books that people carry around, put on their shelves and reflect on. No wonder, some blogs are very good. What tired bloggers are increasingly discovering, however, is that it’s not necessarily the quality of their blog posts that matter. It’s matching their quality with frequency. You can’t expect readers to show up unless you show up.

Usually you come across many forsaken blogs but some bloggers do feel the responsibility of posting final comments before abandoning. Something that goes with titles like: Goodbye Blog, My Last Post etc. But what seems the end could be a beginning of a new blog (okay, same same old brand new). Well, bloggers also need a break. After few months you’ll see them get back to blogging again (which includes, yours truly as well) as somebody said “My blog now is seamlessly integrated into my everyday life.”

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