Taweez and Amils

It is compulsory for an Amil to ask for mother’s name to find out what kind of magic has been done and to what degree. They can also ask for father’s name but mother’s name is given preference in case the child is illegitimate. Some Amils ask for a piece of cloth, do an amal and measure the cloth before and after to find out if there is any magic. Others may use a thread. Many ask for money as they use very expensive musk for writing Taweez for wearing and drinking. Some may ask for money because they give a lot of their time.

Just because there are fake Amils out there does not make asking mother’s name, a piece of cloth, giving Taweez or asking for money wrong. There are fake doctors out there who give all sorts of wrong medicines. Does that mean it is wrong for all doctors in the World to give medicine? Or because there are fraud practitioners of medicine who ask for money, does it mean that no doctor in the World should ask for money?

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  2. salaams,can any of you guys tell me where and how can I order a copy of QURANIC AND PROPHETIC SCIENCE DICTIONARY ON TAWEEZ MAKING.Sorry no autors name just that it is orange and blue cover an has the surah Ikhlaas on page 34. wasalaam.

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  4. Assalamualykum

    @UK Muslim: as far as I know so called “Amils” need to have ones mothers name, along with the Name of the patient. because this is how they get the Jinn(s) to get their work done. its a way of tracing the correct person.

    Also it is not wise to find out how to capture/control the Muakkil, for a number of reasons, one of them being that it is very dangerous, and secondly, because you will have do/ perform things that pleases the Shaytan (SATAN), and if one does that then he associating partners with Allah (SWT). So please don’t seek this knowledge.

    Speak soon, Inshallah.

  5. Assalamualykum,

    @UK Muslim: Anyone who asks the patients name and the mothers name deals with the jinn/Muakkils/Demons/Shayateen. Hence going to these people dealing with Jinns, is not permissible, actually it’s a sin, and Allah knows best. Furthermore the person who has control of the Jinns etc is considered outside the fold of Islam, because he has to worship the devil and/or disrespect Allah and the Quran in order to get is work done thru them. About capturing the Hamazad, Mr. Yusha may know more about it, but it is not acceptable(Haram) to attempt capture/control it.

    @Muhammad Yusha: what do say about the person who does not greet with an Islamic greeting and finds the quotation of the Quran humorous? I know what I would call that person! That person is impudent in the extreme. So you think that quoting from the Holy Quran is wrong, do you? If you don’t know, The Quran is for the Alameen (Mankind and the Jinns) so anyone can read it, quote from it and practice what ALLAH says in the Quran and the Sunnah. You may not agree with me and I don’t expect you to, but at the least, acknowledge and accept the above statement, as a Muslim!

    Mr. Yusha your ignorance is blatantly obvious. ALL THAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG IS WHAT EVER CURE A PERSON SEEKS, IT MUST BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE HOLY QURAN AND THE SUNNAH. GO BACK, OPEN YOUR EYES, AND READ WHAT I HAVE SAID IN MY POSTS. IF YOU DID NOT SEE THAT, YOU ARE NOT ONLY ARROGANT, IGNORANT BUT ALSO BLIND TO WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING. If your “Islamic Healing” prescription(s) is/are in accordance with the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, then what are you worried about?

    Don’t worry about where I am, or where I should go, that is none of your damn concern! Worry about yourself first, perhaps you should go to Saudi Arabia, and visit Mecca and Medina and seek guidance and humility from Allah (SWT). Inshallah I’ll also do the same, it would be the greatest pleasure for me if Allah gave me permission to visit these Holy places; I pray that Allah (SWT) does that soon, Ameen.
    Do you consider yourself perfect and above all others? I pray to Allah to guide us and seek the truth from Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah. Inshallah.

    Speak soon Inshallah.


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