Karachi International Book Fair 2011

Liberty Books

7th Karachi International Book Fair was held from December 16th – 20th, 2011 at Karachi Expo Center. The fair enabled thousands of Karachiites to view huge collection of books and periodicals from local and international publishers, and book sellers, under one roof. While the event started on December 16th, Pir … Read more

Kaya Bey: Last Resort for Electricity Generation in Pakistan?

The national grid of Pakistan is one of the poorest managed in the world, and is unable to provide electricity for major cities, halting industrialization and daily lives. Our government has been constantly criticized on power strategies. Now, a last resort has been employed in an attempt to save some … Read more

Air Blue plane crash in Islamabad

Indeed it is a sad start to the day in Pakistan today when AirBlue flight got crashed into Margalla hills Islamabad having 150+ people on board including crew members. The plane had reportedly lost contact with the control tower during the crash probably because of thick fog and heavy rainfall … Read more

Freedom Flotilla massacre

Freedom Flotilla attacked by Israel

The Freedom Flotilla aid mission destined for blockaded Gaza was on the last leg when Israeli soldiers had attacked the fleet leaving at least 20 people dead and over 50 injured. The army violently boarded the Turkish ship and opened fire at the passengers before hundreds of soldiers attacked all … Read more