Karachi crumbles as the rain pours

karachi rains forecast

It sucks when it rains in Karachi. Due to the mismanagement and inefficiency of civic authorities and the utility service providers, the largest city of Pakistan crumbles with few millimeters of downpour. In spite of tall claims and media campaigns of “we’re ready this time”, Karachites worry about water clogging, … Read more

Karachi Rain 2012

ground turned in pool with rain water - Karachi Rain

After days of have and have not, it finally rained in Karachi today. Rain in Karachi comes with power outages and traffic jams. Years of excavation by MQM, in the name of repairs and upgrades, has done nothing to improve the drainage system. As soon as it rains a few … Read more

Karachi Rain Photos

After a long while, Karachi had a real downpour today. And as usual, the roads turned into rivers, drains overflowed and electricity feeders started to trip over. Following are some of the photos of the rain in Karachi, and its aftermath. From: Zohaib Akhtar From: Ummat From: Ummat If you … Read more