Rain damages, clogged water at Nursery Karachi

Following pictures are of Nursery Furniture Market area in PECHS Karachi. They give a glimpse of prospective damages by recent rain in Karachi. Water was clogged due to inefficient drainage system and lack of disaster management planning by local administration.

ubl nursery rain photo

nursery rain photo

nursery road in karachi rain

domino nursery submerged in karachi rain

nursery submerged in karachi rain

Images received in Email

4 thoughts on “Rain damages, clogged water at Nursery Karachi”

  1. Moreover if you can see then the images shown by Kashif , it can be clearly seen that all the pictures are taken from major areas of Karachi , and it is v sad to say it the CAPITAL OF SINDH !!

  2. Was in hurry thats why E changed into A (sorry about that ) ..

    I would like to quote about your opinion that my residence is also in RWP ,, But when it rains here the whole Rwp is not drowned like the Capital OF SIndh,yeah I agree some of the polluted streets like Banni,Qartar Purrah Etc they had to face this problem (Still ppl can cross that street because water level is no 5ft). But the thing it is not the GOV miss-management that thier street are flooded, it is due to thier own calrelessness.The Gov have established well darinage system to avoid this flooding in major areas . Bundle of Thanks to GOd that RWP is not facing any of the similar problems like KARACHI (we all are aware of that aswell) . But we all are PAKISTANI and we have to live with Unity … I am not criticizing Karachi ,, i am criticizing the management of Karachi !

  3. hello just have a look on your spelling of ‘everyone’. you are totalyy right about
    the problems which people are facing nowadays with rain but as you know our
    government doesnt pay attention towards these issues……so why to say something
    and karachi is far better than other cities and country of pakistan just go and have
    a look on rawalpindi, lahore etc …. !!

  4. It is not the first time happening in KArachi that whole Karachi is drowned and averyone is helpless due to rain . Every time when it rains the People of Karachi are facing problem , some of the people die beacuse of current in this flooded streets , and some of the innocent lives are wasted due to collapse of their houses . The Question arises that when it happens frequently in Karachi then why dont the administration in Karachi takes a huge step in resloving this issue . I guess if a person with real degree handle this situation the things can go better !!!


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