Karachi crumbles as the rain pours

karachi rains forecast
It sucks when it rains in Karachi.

Due to the mismanagement and inefficiency of civic authorities and the utility service providers, the largest city of Pakistan crumbles with few millimeters of downpour.

In spite of tall claims and media campaigns of “we’re ready this time”, Karachites worry about water clogging, traffic jams and electricity outages rather than enjoying the rain.

This year is no different. The monsoon spell brought misery and chaos to the city of (no)lights.

At least 12 people have died in 2 days of downpour in Karachi.

Rain and electricity outages:

As soon as it drizzled in Karachi, K-Electric jumped into action and the city went dark. The reason, as usual, was EHT tripping that tripped hundreds of feeders across Karachi.

Rain and water clogging:

Several areas of Karachi submerged due to water clogging caused by choked storm drains and inefficient drainage system.

Even the rats had to look for shelter..

Rain and stupidity:

Some people never learn. They drive rashly in rain and park their cars next to overflowing river bed, as happened at Imtiaz Store in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

To sum it up,

What the rains did to Karachi in the past:

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