Startup Blog: Blogging for Businesses

If you are a startup and you believe you have got that killer application, which could even wet the mouth of Google, and you cannot possible cough up that large amount of money to market your product or service, you have got a golden option of web logs or blogs in short to accomplish just that.

Startup blogs are a great way to answer questions you may receive from potential or actual customers through your regular email process. By putting the question and answer in your blog, you are now generating the information out to potentially huge numbers of potential or actual clients, instead of just that one person who wrote in.

It looks even better if someone writes you an email with a suggestion to improve your service or product, you decide to follow his or her suggestion, and then talk about it in your blog. Otherwise, it may be more difficult for your clients to know that you have instituted what might be too small a change to advertise, but that might make a difference to them as well in terms of how they feel about your company.

Think carefully before you decide to allow comments to your blog entries. When you have a company blog, by allowing comments, you will encourage people to ask you questions and make comments that may be helpful, but you will also find that people post derogatory comments or ask questions that are difficult for you to answer.

Startup blog is essentially no different. It is just another business tool. As much fun as blogging can be, once it is tied to your startup outfit, it reflects your company’s image and your joint will be judged by the quality of your blog as well as the quality of your services/products.

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