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Smartchoice is an online platform built for the convenience of internet users who are looking for better internet connections in their locality. This service helps broadband consumers find great deals and packages offered by popular internet providers of Pakistan including Mobilink, Nayatel, PTCL, Qubee, Telenor, Ufone, Wi-tribe, Worldcall and Zong. All deals and packages have been characterized in terms of speed, download limit, monthly charges and special offers – if available. Visitors are able to see proper categories of services including DSL, Fiber, Dongle etc to make better choice.

SmartChoice is a free service that covers all cities in the country where broadband services are available, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar . In future will also offer price comparison of other services such as Insurance and Banking products (bank loans, credit cards etc).

Why Compare Broadband Packages?

Broadband charges are the lowest in Pakistan, compared to the region. However, this should not stop the consumers from searching for the best possible deal in terms of rates, speed and service. A broadband comparison service like Smartchoice allows the consumers to review internet packages, read other users’ comments and check out exclusive deals and offers. The comprehensive and impartial service saves both time and money for the savvy internet consumers seeking the best broadband package in Pakistan.

Searching Smartchoice:

The search feature at Smartchoice enables customers to search for internet packages via city and price range. For example, there are 20 deals for wireless internet in Karachi, including Wi-tribe, PTCL, Telenor and Qubee.

searching smartchoice

The prices listed are frequently updated, directly from the service providers, and have no hidden charges.

Apart from searching deals via service providers, customers can also search packages based on the type of connections they desire for, such as wireless connection, USB/Mifi, 3G/4G mobile package, bundle deals, unlimited internet and broadband etc. Moreover, customers can compare different internet plans by using filter option. They can narrow down search results to get the best deals in terms of budget, speed, usage and service providers.

Smartchoice Deals:

To facilitate its visitors, Smartchoice features best deals on its homepage. Once the visitors have found a suitable package after comparison, they can place order through and the service provider will process it. For example, customers can find Wi-tribe’s 1MB unlimited wireless broadband package deal which is available at Rs. 1499. By clicking on the “View Details” tab, they can select the city and view the details of the package. Here, helps visitors choose best package by reviewing customer reviews and average user ratings. Users rate and review these services on the basis of speed, quality, convenience, customer service and added benefits.

smartchoice deals

Apart from wireless broadband packages, customers can also find USB Dongle and DSL/Cable packages. For example, PTCL offers 2MB package with unlimited download for Rs.1799 per month.

While customers search for deals, they can also check the speed of their internet connection by taking the speed test. After finalizing the package, customers can fill the form and place their orders online.

Smartchoice Customer Support:

In case of any confusion with available packages, customers can use online support form and forward their queries to the panel of experts. They can also send an email to the address available on the website. Alternatively, customers can call on Smartchoice support numbers and talk to the experts. On call support is available 6 days a week, during business hours.

To keep getting feeds on latest internet packages, customers can subscribe for SmartChoice newsletters. They can join broadband forums to participate in discussions and read interesting posts on SmartChoice blog.

All in all, is a rapidly evolving platform for Pakistani subscribers to find economical internet packages and special deals online.

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