Should this woman be allowed to live?

I’ve heard of married Pakistani Muslim women having extra-marital affairs and I’ve heard of them killing for love or other reasons, but what Fauzia Sultana has done is truly shocking. A normal woman would never kill her own eight-year old son to avoid giving him to her ex-husband (who demanded custody of the child after divorcing her). Yet she poisoned her eight year-old kid Ali Raza as reported by Dawn.

Her second marriage ended in divorce after two years when she failed to bear a child. Her third husband Tariq Mahmood (father of two sons from a previous marriage) is described by her as a good man who took her to the Holy Land to perform Hajj. One would have thought she’d turn into a truly pious Muslim woman after the Hajj, but this did not happen. She continued her liaison with her lover of 22 years (Mehr Asif) for whom she used to steal jewelry and cash.

Apparently Asif was her lover even before her first marriage. Then she killed her third husband (Tariq) by poisoning him. Why she did it is not known. Maybe he came home earlier one day and found her lover in his house or perhaps he caught her stealing his cash and jewelry. She told everyone that Tariq had died of a heart attack. But then one of her stepsons (Shehzad Tariq) would beat her up (she didn’t say why). Maybe he too suspected her of being immoral. So she and her lover killed the stepson, and she told the cops that some unknown men had killed him. The police, employing their well-known “humane” methods of interrogating suspects, got her to confess to the murders of her husband, her stepson and her own son.

So will she be allowed to live by the state? We know that Pakistanis can get away with murder (after the victims’ near relatives forgive them). If that happens in this case, and she’s not sentenced to death, what about her affair with Mehr Asir? Remember, in Pakistan (and in Islam), the prescribed sentence for a married woman indulging in illicit sex is death by stoning. Will the state decide to kill her? Or will she turn out to have powerful relatives who will save her from execution?

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  1. Media and Mass-communication are no doubt great GUNS. When some case is STATED on media…this is intended to COUNTER the corrupt SYSTEM and give a chance to RIGHT…The media is the role JUSTCE…be JUST first and then PRESENT…

  2. I am a woman myself. I am ashamed to see how media can take out news like this. They are not concerned with gender issues at all. They do not want the women to promote their rights. They do not want women to stand shoulder by shoulder thus they still use them as bait to make money from such news. Pakistan media is a shame as of now!! They are playing the worst role played by any media! They do not seem to find anything positive.

  3. One cant really trust what media and news is saying these days. It seems like this they would put any news that will create mere a thrill. If they can scratch eachothers back then one can expect that they would about go to any level!! Intenational journalists like Mathhew Rosenberg became their victim too when a newspaper like The nation wrote on its main page that he is working for CIA and Blackwater!! In todays edition THE NEWS tells us that all these international journalists wrote a letter to Pakistan Government to take necessary steps to reduce these kind untrained journalism. Guys this is the link to the news. Check it out and let me know what u think!


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