Have you ever been to Shardra. O NO No…Not in Lahore. It is the picnic point near Islamabad.

When you are traveling on the road to Murree you get across the convention center and then the Quaid-e-Azam University. Straight ahead on the same road, about three hundreds yards more, you turn in to some other road leading you to a mountainous track. From here it is a ten minutes’ drive and you reach there. It is a really fantastic place with all the natural beauty of mountains and the water flowing between the mountains.

The water is very transparent clean and shallow. When you get there you feel as if you are in some Northern area, so you don’t have to spare more money to go to some far place for enjoyment. There is little fish in water and proper canteen and other facilities.

This is a proper family picnic point. Visit it and you would really enjoy!

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