Sacrificing black goats to save your skin!

When I ran a salt factory, I would always wonder why my illiterate workers would advise me to sacrifice a goat whenever business was bad. And it was no use trying to convince them that there was no connection between the killing of an animal and market forces. And even after we had killed the goat and distributed its meat, nothing would come out of it. The business would recover only after stocks in the market ran out.

But why does the President of Pakistan have to regularly sacrifice black goats to strengthen his position? He at least is not illiterate. And why should it be a black goat?

I always thought black was associated with bad luck. Maybe those who talk regularly about black magic can shed some light on this. But in the meantime, I think it would be a good idea for farmers to buy all the black goats in the market and sell them to superstitious people later at a fat profit. Or maybe they can breed black goats. Or even sell goats painted with thick black paint.

13 thoughts on “Sacrificing black goats to save your skin!”

  1. Yusha. This is a typical trick played on innocent/ignorant muslim by citing a myth and linking it with a prophets name. This event is not quoted in Quran and has no value to increase or decrease our faith.

    Sadaqa is not linked with any particular form. Give whatever you can to help other and to lease Allah. Nothing less and nothing more.

  2. @Mr. Lakhani: What I meant was that only Saudis and Saudi products comment on non-existing issues. There was a case at the time of Prophet Musa where a person gave 2 “rotis” to a poor person and a snake was discovered in the giver’s bundle of clothing and it had the 2 “rotis” in it’s mouth, because of which it was unable to bite. The person’s life was saved because of charity. (Please don’t ask me how the 2 “rotis” ended up in the snake’s mouth; only Allah knows that).

  3. Yusga: “You are beginning to sound like a Saudi.” Not quite correct. Most Saudis don’t believe this. In fact, it’s Pakistani and Indian Muslims who think that sacrificing animals and giving away the meat to the poor keeps them safe from evil spirits and bad luck.

  4. Black’s the color of evil, isn’t it? Kill the evil black goat and change your luck, right? Plus free meat, that the bossman paid for, bossman!

    I like the “sadaqah” policy. We have something which we call the “random act of kindness,” which seems similar. Sometimes you have to remember to do such, but it feels good to do something nice when it’s not expected of you. Makes the world a better place.

  5. Sadaqah means truth. Give away part of your earnings to needy and poor to seek approval of Allah. It is not to cast away evil deeds. It is a misconception among many of us. It does not need to be in form of meat.


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