Sacrificing black goats to save your skin!

When I ran a salt factory, I would always wonder why my illiterate workers would advise me to sacrifice a goat whenever business was bad. And it was no use trying to convince them that there was no connection between the killing of an animal and market forces. And even after we had killed the goat and distributed its meat, nothing would come out of it. The business would recover only after stocks in the market ran out.

But why does the President of Pakistan have to regularly sacrifice black goats to strengthen his position? He at least is not illiterate. And why should it be a black goat?

I always thought black was associated with bad luck. Maybe those who talk regularly about black magic can shed some light on this. But in the meantime, I think it would be a good idea for farmers to buy all the black goats in the market and sell them to superstitious people later at a fat profit. Or maybe they can breed black goats. Or even sell goats painted with thick black paint.

13 thoughts on “Sacrificing black goats to save your skin!”

  1. I see a big hypocrisy here. Rather than blaming the Saudis or any other ethnic group, it will be instructive to trace where the origin of animal sacrifice started from .. Since ancient times, animals were sacrificed for “solving” problems .. that practice was legitimized by Islam where goats (or other animals) were required to be sacrificed during Id. This barbaric ritual is legitimized in various ways … some folks say it is a ‘symbolic’ way of offering personal sacrifice to Allah. Some say that the animal does not feel pain as the killing is swift. Whatever be it, I think a killing is a killing. It does not matter if one can quote a verse from Quran or say that the prophet did it so it is justified. As muslims, let us reflect on some of the things that have been passed on to us through the centuries and examine whether these practices make sense going forward. Only then will our lot progress and improve.


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