Remembering the beauty of “Skardu”…(Part I)

Last year in summer, I got a chance to visit the most awe-inspiring place in Pakistan. I and my family went there by road which was another fabulous experience. The whole route was decorated with the beauty of nature having waterfalls, lush green trees and much more. After traveling for two days, we reached there. The first sight of Skardu gives the idea as if you have entered the paradise. We reached there in the afternoon and were so tired that after taking our supper we fell asleep.

At morning we decided to plan our trip first of all. We decided to visit the nearest place that was Sukh nallah situated in upper Kachura. The place was really beautiful. The water of the stream was really cold as it was flowing of the glacier. We had a good picnic there. Our trip was of four or five days so we decided to visit the famous places of them we had heard a lot like Shangrila and Deosai.

So the next day we left for the plains of Deosai which was 15000 ft approx above the sea level. This place is also known as the eight wonder of the world. We took our warm clothes with us. We were shocked to see the plains on such height. I mean it was amazing and unbelievable to see those wide green meadows on that level, so after traveling half an hour, we reached the Bara Nallah where we decided to put our tents and enjoy the scenario. The whole place was filled with colored flowers and their aroma was heart taking. We did some fishing their, as we had heard a lot about the trout (fish) in the Nallah but were unlucky to catch any. The weather was really cold and we got sun burned. At Deosai we saw a very different kind of animal which was called the mouse of the Deosai named Tirshoon and I was amazed to see his size as it was of the size of dog…anyway the way back to our place; we also noticed Yaks and wished to see the grizzly Bear but…anyways at afternoon we came back and had a good meal…

The next day we planned to visit the piece of paradise known as Shangrila…most of you must have visited it or may have seen it on TV but the real thing is that something personally experienced is much more great that just viewing it on TV. Though it’s artificially made but still it catches ones sight towards it splendid beauty. The water of Shangrila Lake was sea green and also reflecting many shades. The whole place was surrounded by many fruit trees. The place was really miraculous. At night, the Pagoda restaurant and the rest houses were decorated with lights which were producing a gorgeous effect.


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  1. O you lucky one, those parts of the planet are really out of heaven. I havent yet got the chance to go there, but atleast through your post, I have tasted some of the flavour. Waiting for the other parts of your travels eagerly.


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