Remembering the beauty of “Skardu” (part 2)

(… Part 2)

The last morning at Skardu was sunny and fine-looking. We were sad as it was our last day but hopeful to enjoy it wholeheartedly. After breakfast we prepared some snacks for our picnic and set for our journey towards Shiggar Fort…

The Shiggar valley is approx 40 km away from Skardu and is famous for its fresh and nourishing fruits. In winter the temperature goes down to -20 but summers are really good. The Shiggar Fort is 400 years old and is visited by many tourists due its awe inspiring architecture. The Fort was constructed by the locals and the Kashmiri people that’s why it reflects both cultures. In the Fort, many antique things were preserved like jewelry, poetry in Persian, and utensils of that time. There was a Baradari at the back of the fort giving a beautiful sight. We sat there and had our lunch…the Guide also showed us a 400 year old tree which was hallowed from inside but still it bears fresh green leaves, which was a miracle. The last thing we visited was the garden of cherries and apricot. I was so excited to see the red unblemished cherries that I couldn’t stop my self from climbing the tree. The cherries were so nourishing that I ate them to my fill. At afternoon we returned back to our place and did some packing, as we had to leave for our home tomorrow .Thanks God I took my camcorder with me to capture the most stunning views of Skardu and its surroundings.

After way back to home I was really sad to leave Skardu and its immaculate beauty but was hopeful to visit it again. The thing that really inspired me was not only its beauty but also the unpolluted environment that made me think that, may all the places of Pakistan would become fresh and green like it. Hope some of you after reading this would plan to visit that place to personally experience its stunning beauty.

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