Human resources are being characterized as the most important factor of production in economies of contemporary globalized world. Human resource development has become a key constituent of sustained and long-term development. Educated and skilled workers are continuous sources of value addition to the productive capacity of the developed countries.

Malaysia is often quoted as a role model for LDCs with respect to its huge investment in education. Malaysia, mainly an agro-based country with rubber as its major production, now accrues a status of highly industrialized due to her skilled labor force. Most of the foreign direct investment in country is being directed to education sector.

However, education has become a profitable business for the exploiting class of Pakistan. Like wealth, education also seems to concentrate in the hands of elite class. Though many governmental institutions provide education at reasonable price but at the obvious and huge cost of quality. These institutions are also subject of political hegemony. On other hand, standard private institutions are not affordable for families who hardly meet their ends.

As long as they are unable to get quality education, all practices of trickled down and growth with redistribution will be failed to result fruitfully. Borders are long protected. Now its turn to protect market for a more certain future. For this government should divert fiscal expenditure and root out politics from education sector. Otherwise, darkness of uncertainty will encompass the future of our present and future generation.

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