Rawness of Blogs

Blogging is a free writing. It is what has liberated the writing. It is what has brought the every kind of writing to everyone, everywhere. Blogging is what you feel you translate that into words without caring much for the intricacies of grammar and punctuation and in some cases spellings. What Americans has done to the English is what blogging is doing to the writing. People don’t like but they have to go with it. People don’t approve it but they have to do it.

I am not showing if off, but I think that if I pay more attention, time and effort I could make the grammar, punctuation and other assorted necessities more accurate, but then I am not writing a weekly or monthly magazine article. I am trying to blog, which means that I can do it any moment or every moment. Blogging is enabling me to rapidly encapsulate the flippant moments. More often than not, I feel like blogging six or seven times a day, and if I start meticulously knocking each grammatical detail and every comma and colon, I would end up with half posts, and the rest of the blogging ideas will evaporate.

Blogging is simply not about creating outlines, making plot, and jotting down notes first and about verbosity. Its all about agile and lucid expression of words in a jiffy. Blunders do happen, when you are in fast mode of blogging, but then its part of the game. But blog shouldn’t be taken as a paragon of writing with immaculate grammar and it shouldn’t be taken as blatant violation of all grammar rules, but a midway should be found out. Blogging asks for due allowances. For every person bothered by those imperfections, there’s another who appreciates the rawness of it. I could increase my effort to get that extra 10% of quality, but it wouldn’t buy me anything and would only hamper my blogging streak.

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