Raja Pervaiz Ashraf should be sakced immediately

The Minister for Water and Electricity, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, has proved himself unworthy for the portfolio and should be sacked immediately. The minister spends more time in dressing up and playing with words and not concentrating on the problem at hand. Pakistan is going through worst power crisis in its history and there is nobody to take the responsibility.

Please cut the crap and sack Raja Pervaiz Ashraf immediately, else people should stop paying the electricity bills altogether.

11 thoughts on “Raja Pervaiz Ashraf should be sakced immediately”

  1. The government should allow IPPs to stand their ground and don’t make the process a living hell for them. In Musarraf’s regime no one was facilitated to the extent they could start generating electricity. God only knows whether there were enormous amounts in kick backs wanted or some red tape around the necks of private and foreign investors. We all know the result. I am a firm believer that if this government was serious in providing this basic utility to people they could have done it long time ago. If they get serious now they can still do it. But they will have to leave the billions they want. Tough choice!

    All of us should thank Allah that export of electricity to India didn’t go through.

    But Raja sb claims are like proverbial “truck ki butti” sort. People are laughing and crying over it.

    The present government should also realize that masses aren’t fools anymore or sheep that can be taken anywhere. Its in their interest. May Allah guide us all, Ameen!


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