Raja Pervaiz Ashraf should be sakced immediately

The Minister for Water and Electricity, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, has proved himself unworthy for the portfolio and should be sacked immediately. The minister spends more time in dressing up and playing with words and not concentrating on the problem at hand. Pakistan is going through worst power crisis in its history and there is nobody to take the responsibility.

Please cut the crap and sack Raja Pervaiz Ashraf immediately, else people should stop paying the electricity bills altogether.

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  1. Well I agree with both Naveed and Momina. For me its more important to understand what was Musharraf doing for last 8 years while making tall claims about economic progress. He could not take critical decisions on development. Waisay that is always how the government has been transfered from military government to democratic ones because when the transfer of power actually takes places, the economic bubble of military governments gets busted

    I was in India couple of weeks ago and I experienced loadshedding there as well
    Since the government has announced to eliminate loadshedding by the end of this year, I would rather wait and see

  2. Well, i think the situation is deteriorating day by day…some bit of improvement/progress should be shown in some sector of work if the public is expected to keep on hoping of a better day and be patient. I can say it must be very difficult with the electricity going every alternate hour, i just spent 25 days in Pakistan last summer and it was literally living hell…
    why should the public have patience when they know they are paying all due taxes etc and this is the result they get?? its pathetic

  3. I am so surprised that how quickly we jump to conclusions and what an impatient nation we are particularly to the elected representatives…can we not give the guy a chance to show that he can deliver rather than start loosing patience in such a short time…I think we should let this elected government complete its term and show its result on long-term infrastructure projects….people have already started talking…Mushraf was better…give me a break…dont u think that the condition we are in because of whose failure in last decade

  4. I am sure Abraj Capital has not arrived directly from a village. They have done there due diligence and had clear idea of KESC liabilities, financial conditions and the issues involved. If they are short of funds now it is their problem and people of Karachi should not suffer for this. KESC management should be taken to court of not fulfilling their commitment, which is, uninterrupted power supply to Karachi, and scheduled loadshedding if there are any issues with power generation and transmission.

    As the government has gone to dogs, public should stand for their rights.

  5. The power companies don’t have money to buy fuel because government departments owe them huge sums of money. If the government settles its dues, the problem will be partially solved. Then there are the power thieves. We saw a ruling party minister stealing electricity from overhead cables recently. Thousands of factories and houses are stealing electricity and we, the honest taxpayers are being penalized. This has to stop. There was a time when KESC had its own police station and magistrate for punishing power thieves. Why not now? How long will we have to suffer for the crimes of others?

  6. Our leaders have failed us, so has the army, the judiciary and the scholars. Now there is no other alternative to change the system other than a bloody revolutions, and we are descending into it.

    Raja Pervaiz Asharf’s removal from the portfolio may not achieve much and he may get another “healthy” profile, but this will at least show to the public that the government has taken the responsibility and made few heads roll for the mess we are in. Otherwise, if this been left to public, there will be chaos.

  7. Lets face it, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s performance came into limelight only because every individual living in the country has been directly effected by the crisis of Gas, Power and Water. We as a nation must wake up from the deep slumber and realize that there are countless unfit and corrupt govt ministers and officials who are causing serious damages to Pakistan’s rapidly sagging Economy everyday. The abysmal performance of the PPP govt makes much sense when we see that the one of the most corrupt politicians of the country has secured the supreme position of presidency. I agree that sacking RPA will serve no purpose because our recent history proves that successors did worse than their predecessors. In case RPA gets removed from his current position, surely, he will be rewarded with an other ministry where he will cause even bigger havoc, though we may not see that in newspapers and on TV.

  8. I think that a state of confusion is being prolonged by the people who are running this country whether its establishment or foreign masters. we have crisis over crisis and the best part is that govt is not so worried. If its a democracy and peoples government they should behave like one. I am sure that no onw shall be willing to vote them back into office again with such utter failure in running the affairs. I sometimes wonder what the do all day.
    The hearts of people were so fertile when PPPP was brought into power and every eye had a dream clung to this government. I am amazed how wonderfully they have not only blasted the entire rosy picture but also are making sure that this be their last time. Words cannot explain what utter disappointment the nation faces due to absolute incompetitveness and false promises made and forgotten.

  9. Nothing will happen other than this that Raja Ashraf may give another portfolio of Industries or Agriculure? Then – what you do after that?
    We all knew at this time – there is no single person in the ministry nor heading the political and executive post understand or willing to do anything for the nation
    Just yesterday – 8% rise in Gas charges has been approved by PM?
    God forbid – what next we have to see from these political party?


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