Punjab By elections and fake degree holder candidates

PM Gilani defending Jamshed Dasti

Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani is nowadays busy defending his decision to address the election rally of a bogus degree holder, former parliamentarian Jamshed Dasti in Muzaffargarh. According to him it was not immoral at all but a responsibility given by the party. So president of Pakistan as per the orders of ruling party not only supported the crook but also announced to award him a bus. Ah! Rather than discouraging such person PPP is vociferously supporting him.

Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf imposed the condition of having a bachelor’s degree to contest parliamentary elections in his tenure but is no longer mandatory. The amendment made Jamshed Dasti eligible to contest the by elections after the decision of Lahore high court.

It was highlighted by the media that around 140 parliamentarians hold a fake degree and half of them are facing cases in the court but election commission of Pakistan is unable to do anything because as per law the authenticity of degrees can only be challenged either by the voters or opposing candidates. In reaction to the media reports Prime Minister Gilani urged the parliamentarians to collectively protect parliament, regardless of their political affiliations, as the institution was being maligned for the issue of fake degrees.

“I have the highest regard for the media. I am also associated with the media. It may be lack of information.”

Joining Mr. Dasti in the race of by elections fake degree holders are PML-N candidates ; Ajmal Asif from Faisalabad, Naghma Mushtaq Lang from Lodhran & Aazam Chaila ( already made it to the Punjab Assembly after defeating PPP candidate) from Jhang.

Is there by elections or a race of fake degree holders going on?

2 thoughts on “Punjab By elections and fake degree holder candidates”

  1. salam pakistan,
    musharraf impose the gratuation condition before contesting election, for some limit its good but i thing the leader characteristics in one man from childhood and its not creat after complition of gratuation, so i think when people select some one through proper election process then he should be given opportunity to complete tenure because we select these people and these people come from the will of publics, so the condition or impose of gratuation not necessory.

  2. It shows that these MPs have no moral values and would cheat and break the law at their will. The most shameful event was PM lack of understanding to differentiate between right and wrong.

    If Musharaf did one thing good during his time was to impose graduation condition for contesting election. I would be happier if the same was true for voters.

    Coniurty’s future is in the hand of a non graduate president (with a long list of kikckbacks), fraud MPs (criminal records) with support from PM (knowingly supporting criminals to contest election) and illetrate voters . Marila laws and other prior givernments were not much better either. Democracy indeed is a revenge. Isn’t it?.

    What can be done? Nothing much


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