Jamshed Dasti: Would you hire this crook?

Jamshed DastiAsk yourself this simple question: a man has been proven to be a crook. Would you hire such a person? Would you trust him at all?

The president of Pakistan has done just that. Jamshed Dasti was found guilty of submitting a forged and fake degree to contest elections. He was unseated, and in any other civilized country, he would have faded into oblivion (if not sentenced to a jail term). Yet this man has been given a ticket by the ruling PPP government to contest a bye-election to the National Assembly from Muzaffargarh.

And this is not all. The ruling party, under the directions of the president of the country, has given tickets to others who also lost their seats for submitting fake degrees, and one of them is not even a member of the PPP (he belongs to the opposition PML-Q party).

The prime minister, who is supposed to be the new chief executive of the country after the 18th amendment, has no say in the matter. He protested feebly, of course, but was silenced by his boss (Zardari, who else?). He was told that his brother (Mujtaba Gilani) would be accommodated with a suitable government position.

So nothing has really changed. We’re still being ruled by crooks. I’m waiting for the day when Zardari gives party tickets to convicted criminals and murderers who have served their sentences. If that doesn’t move this nation, nothing will!

13 thoughts on “Jamshed Dasti: Would you hire this crook?”

  1. shUt tHe Hell Up Y0u all….
    degree ka aChar Bnaa0 Ge Kia
    Kaam k0 daikh0 aUr kirdaar k0 daiKh0 Bs…..JAMSHED DASTI ZINDABAD

  2. Shakir Lakhani, why are you waiting for the day when tickets are given to convicted criminals and murderers? That day has come and gone and you are under their rule at this very moment.

    Wait for the day when (IF) something is done about this.


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