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I am not really sure how much regard you have for Elizabeth Taylor, but I have read the under-mentioned quote of her, in many places; When asked whether she reads what people write about her she says:

“If you listen to the good things people say about you might just start believing them. If you listen to the bad things people say about you might just start believing them.”

So what, one shouldnt listen to people? But in terms of blogging, what should one do? Stop allowing comments? Or should you start moderating them and only publish those comments, which neither praise you nor scold you?

Blogs are very much personal point of view, and their liberated nature doesn’t really suits to shun liberty to others. This is the beauty of blogs to get instant comments on your views from others. While I do think it’s pertinent as a blogger to watch through what people are saying about you and the things you write , and follow the thread of conversation, I think there’s a difference between ‘reading’ what others are saying about you and ‘believing’ what others say about you.

One shouldnt fall into the trap and entangle in meaningless verbal brawls. Over-reaction is what should be avoided. Also, read what others comment and re-comment without owning it or getting involved negatively. Don’t get carried away, by the outrageous things said by people. Its a very slippery slope and once on it, it would be very hard for your to control yourself.

And be neurotic in your blogging; there is no substitute for a rational, neurotic and intellectual approach. Take it with utmost matureness and professionalism. These are keys to promote your blog and improve your content but in terms of your ability to withstand the tough times that might come your way. Don’t be shaken and taken aback by personal attack and comment flame war.

Keeping your eye on the objective – communicating with your loyal readers – and eating lots of Chicken Karahi is the key to being a happy blogger.

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