Post it and They will come

There are literally millions of blogs out there. Almost half of them are updated frequently. Just a handful of those blogs are visited, read and subscribed by considerable people, yet the number of blogs is increasing and their fame hasn’t seen a downward spiral yet.

There are many bloggers out there who write a genuinely nice post full with original ideas and adorned with beautiful language and sprinkled with awesome wisdom. They write their post with perseverance and utmost care, and then start counting on the remote-to-zero chance that someone will stumble upon it, or digg it, reddit it, or at least comment upon it. Most of them don’t do it to become rich or famous, they just want an appreciation of good writing.

There are very few bloggers out there who just do blogging in their life. Mostly the blogging is done as a part time. After a grueling day at the office, why would a human want to spend his time on blogging? When the financial reward is almost nil and he isn’t getting any limelight?
Blogging is the way to charge up the life. A passionate blogger tends to get his spurts of charges from learning something new that can subsequently be applied to accomplishing something else through his blog posts. Usually it’s a recursive process, a virtuous spiral, and the more he accomplish through this method, the more he posts. He believes on the cliché that “you don’t need to know anything – you just have to know where to find the answers.”

One of my fellow blogger has this to say in this regard, “I do feel pretty happy when a task is complete, generally. I work, and I blog… I feel especially happy when I’m able to write blogs for more than one day’s posting at a time. At that point, not only have I completed a task (yay!), but I’ve guaranteed that I don’t have to think about the blog for a while, and I still appear to be productive (yay!).”

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