Pervez Musharraf Protocol in U.K by Pakistan Government. Justified?

Pervez Musharraf Enjoying Army protocol in U.K

Former President of Pakistan and Ex Army Chief Pervez Musharraf is now living a lavish life in U.K. He has at his disposal the services of, at least, 12 regular officers of the Pakistan Army for his security in London headed by a serving Colonel, Ilyas. The team of officers is deputed at Mr. Musharraf’s luxurious residence situated on the Edgware Road, London, for his security and for providing him daily services. This team is being paid a huge amount per month from the national exchequer.

While the ongoing crisis he is facing and probably article 6 sword over him and rumors of treason charges the protocol Pakistani government is providing him is questionable. He is controversial with his status in Pakistan for sure while the scenario is not beneficial for Army either. It has been speculated also that Army is backing such actions while government is on front foot. Below are some angles of happenings about his protocol.


According Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK Wajid Sham-ul-Hassan,

The Pakistan High Commission (HC) in London has been directed by Islamabad to give former dictator General (retd) Pervez Musharraf full protocol of ex-president during his stay in London, and we are bound to act in line with the directions of Islamabad.

Former chief of the Army staff (COAS) Mirza Aslam Beg said that,

According to the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Army, no such protocol was permissible for an ex-Army chief. There was some rule of providing a batman, a PS, a driver and an Army telephone to an Army chief on his retirement But Benazir Bhutto, during her second tenure as prime minister, had ordered the then COAS Jahangir Karamat to withdraw these facilities from Ex Army chiefs and that rule still prevails while no Jawan or officer of the Pakistan Army could be deputed with an Army chief after his retirement for security purposes. Provision of such a facility in a foreign country is simply out of the question.

The new spokesman of Musharraf, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif confirmed the news and said:

“Yes, there are some Army officials deputed with Musharraf but according to my knowledge some of them have resigned from their Army positions.”

Now here is a comment from a Pakistani on another forum discussing the same topic.

“I am working at a store on Edgware road where all the corrupt people come for shopping with the money they looted from Pakistan. Musharraf is living on Edgware road in a posh and expensive apartment and he does have an Army office of the colonel rank on his security who comes to our store asking for fresh baked naans (roti) and he is been paid by the Pakistani government from the Poor peoples tax money. He is also enjoying the protocol by the Pak Army and the British Government He seldom comes out coZ afraid of facing the Pakistanis.

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  1. Musharraf ne bht achay kaam kye hain but usnay chand ghalat kaam kye such like Operation Silence usko chahye tha k Chinees ko bolta k yha behudgi kar rhe ho aap yha ye kaam na karo ye pakistan hey Islami Jamhuria hey agar ye kaam karna hey to khi aur jakar karo aur rhi bat Masjid me Hathyar rakhnay ki to islam is bat ki ijazat deta hey apni safety k lye.

    Samjay Bachco……………….

  2. i think it is absurd to think of these things. if these are true then what favors have been given by ex president to present president that present president cannot take back these unauthorized privileges? i think PPP stance will be interesting.

  3. yar kia baat ha k ap musharaf ka saath de rhe hen jis ne itni jano pe zulm kia ha,pakistan insano ki Qurabino se bna aur yahan peju (pervaiz ) ne aik angrez k dabao me aa k itna zulm kia jis ne b usko acha kaha wo ye soch le zulam zulam he hota ha aur Allah Taala zulam krne waly ko aur uska saath dene wlay ka hisaab ikhatha kren gay,aur jo uskay hami hen na wo tyar rhen is jahan me b hisab dene k liay aur aglay jahan me b baki her banda smajh bhooj rkhta ha k kon kitna zalim aur kon kitna mazloom ha ,yar ye to bataein ???>>>k un maa baap ka kkon jawab de jin k bachay sadion se lapta hean,un ko ap jawab dean gay ya musharaf /??????? un k lakhate jiger ka kon azaala de ga k wo kider hen mur gay ya maar diay gay islam k liay aik musliman ko apny he mulak me Shaheed kr dia jai wa re be aklo ye kahan ka insaf ha ?ye to aglay jahan he pata chaly ga Allah subko Hidayat de ameen begher sochy samjhy kisi ka saath nhe dena chaheay Bal k her wakt huq ka sath dena chaeay,khuda haifz

  4. Shafique tum kon sa mazab rakte ho jo is ki traf dari ker ri ho jo admi is ki traf dari kere ga wo na muslim hi aur na paki Pervez Musharraf agar tum mare samne a jyoo to with in second i will shoot you in front of everybody

  5. I am very disappointed to know that a team of Pakistan Army is detailed for the security of Ex-President/Army Chief. On his security, Govt of Pakistan is spending millions of dollars. In my point of view, it is totally injustice because in our country, there is no law and justice. U will justify the current security of Ex-President ? Sure, they will give alot of arguments in support but the fact is that country is suffering with deadliest floods and a poor man is in need of bread. No Govt offical is visiting them sincerely. The money on the security of Ex-President should be spend on the flood reliefs. How can our leaders are demanding aid and money from the other countires. They should limits their own expenditures.

  6. Aslam O Alikam

    men Itna hi Kehna Chata hun Mushraf Jaisa na Kasi maan nay paida kia na Paida hoga Mushraf aik sacha Pakistani thay hay aur rahay ga Mushraf Nay Pakistan ko kia Kuch naheen dia aur raha Amrica ka sath denay ki baat agar Mushraf Amrica ka sath na deta tu aj Pakistan ka Haal Afghanistan aur Iraq Jaisa hota, Khoda Mushraf ko Meri Umar bhe Laga day Khoda Kalia Jag Jaoo Pakistanio Yeh Politic Sab Chor aur Mafad Prast Hain. Agar Mushraf k Leya Mujay Jaan Dena Naseeb ho tu Men iss per Fakhar Mehsoos Karoon ga i Love Mushraf

  7. @ ubaid chaudhry : Musharraf alone is responsible for the present mess. He brought back the looters because he wanted to save his own skin. He should be brought back and tried for his crimes.

  8. in the current situation, gen sahab is the only hope for pakistan….he deserves for such sort of protocol or even more…he is a leader in a real sense…he has a dashing personality…he gave an international statutus to our country…as far as matters of lal masjid, akbar buggti and others r concerned, he did all this in nation’s wide interest…pakistan’s youth want him back…v dont wants leaders like MR 10%, NWZ AND OTHER SUCH LOOTERS AND ACTORS…v just want musharrar sahab…
    long live musharraf
    sub sey pehle pakistan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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