A very dear friend of me referred me Peer-e-kamil as life changing book and before even going through the whole asset of the book, I realized that it is, and it was a master piece from Umera Ahmed.

Some of her passage in her own words, selected for Chowrangi readers in roman Urdu here.

“Zindagi mein ham kabi na kabi os maqam per aajatey hein jahan saarey rishtey khatam ho jate hein.Vahan sirf ham hotey hein aur Allah hota ha. Koi maan baap,behan bahi,koi dost nahi hota. Phir hamein pata chalta ha ke hamarey pairoon ke neechey zameen ha na hamarey sir ke oper koi aasmaan,bus sirf aik Allah ha jo hamein is khala mein bhe thamey hoye ha. Phir pata chalta ha ham zameen per parii mattii ke dher mein aik zarey ya dharakht per lagey hove aik patey se zada ke voqat nahi rakhtey . Phir pata chlata ha ke hamarey honey ya na honey se sirf hamein he fark parta ha. Sirf hamara kirdaar khatam ho jata. Kaenaat mein koi tablie nahi aatii,kissi cheez per koi asar nahi perta.”

” Har aik ko bikhari bana kar rastay me bithaya hua hay,
aur har aik khud ko malik samjhta hay.jab tak thokar nahi lagti,
jab tak ghutnoon par nahi girta apni aukaat ka pata hi nahi chaltaa.
wojood kay naseeb main hay bikhari hona bus Zaat bikhari nahi ho sakti. Wojood kay muqadar me mangana hay Zaat ka wasaf daina hay.
Main to kia BB! sab bikhari hain. Aj nahi to Kal, Kal nahi to parson
kabhi na kabhi bikhari banna hi parta hay.Mangana hi hota hay.
Koi Ishq mangata hay koi Duniya or jo yeh nahi mangta woh
Khuahish Ka Khatam hona mangata hay.”

About the author Umera Ahmed, she completed her masters in english from Marey College Sialkot and now linked with Army Public College. Her creative work starts with digests on women. Her play “ La Hasil” been telecasted on TV and FM as well, several other plays under process.

34 thoughts on “Peer-e-Kamil”

  1. Salam. I recently read this novel and I think this is the best novel that I have ever read. seriously when I read I realised that the others novels was only time passing. therefore in this novel I learned more about my religion.

  2. my cousin narrated this novel to me i can only understand urdu but cannot read or write….
    This novel is the first thing which made me regret that i dnt knw urdu!

  3. ur novel is amazing mujhe yeh nivel padhnay k liye meri friend ne diya tha aur jab se ye main ne padha hain dobara padhnay ko dil karta hain waiy can i give u one advise ap is novel ko tv per dikhaye logon ko bahut acaha lagay ga zindagi main pehli baar mujhe koi novel itna pasand aya hain this novel such affect in my hearat u r very wonderful writer i want to meet u i m ur very big fan i like u

  4. aoa
    umaira i heard dat u r going 2 publish 2nd part of this fabolous book peer e kamil so plz tell me when r u going 2?m r we all ur fans r waiting

  5. very very goood. i have really no words. i am really really very impress.wat a fantastic story.when i read it the very first time i ,,,,,, .i want to know about its 2nd part. plz

  6. few days before i was in those unlucky people who never read this book but heard alot about it..recently i have gone through the experience of reading it and i must say this story was master of master piece of “Umaira”…she is a great great writer. before reading this i was her fan but now i am a huge fan of her work…

  7. aoa
    i have no words n i think that everyone who read this great story n book would became speechless.this exceptional book is beyond the words.i just want to ask that is there any 2nd part of this book coz someone told me that it is going to be published so please reply me so that i will wait 4 that book.

  8. I recently read this book and i m astonished to see that a someone have make such a story which realy bring a revolution in my thinking.
    If someone has the email address of such a great writer so plz tell me i will be thankfull to you

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