Pakistan’s Economic Crisis: we’re responsible

Now that the nation is going through an economic crisis, people are talking about how the country can be saved from financial collapse. Unfortunately, even those who compere TV programs don’t know that we ourselves are responsible for our predicament. we have been spending more than our incomes. Even the peon in my office has two airconditioners in his house (bought from money borrowed from banks). I know people who buy new cars every year, just because they want their neighbours to think that they’re still wealthy. Someone should calculate how much Musharraf spent on his many visits to foreign countries when he was running the country. The present leaders, too, should refrain from going on foreign junkets (with hundreds of their sycophants) every now and then.

And then there is the colossal waste of fuel and electricity everywhere. The Tableeghi Jamaat holds a congregation every year (this year there were two). Two and a half million people attend this useless ceremony (useless, because in 61 years, the country has gone from bad to worse, despite all their prayers). It doesn’t require a nuclear scientist to calculate how much fuel and food the country can save if these “ijtemaahs” are not held. If you consider that at least a thousand rupees are spent on going to Raiwind and coming back, as well as eating food for three days and nights, the amount of money that is wasted is colossal. In fact, if all that money is given to Edhi, he can build a medium-sized hospital every year. But I doubt if the people who organize the annual event at Raiwind are even aware that hospitals are needed in the country. Their priorities are totally different from those who have the welfare of the country in mind.

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  1. Dr Ati,

    The same situation you describe for your country is a
    copy-paste situation in our country.
    What is the conclusion there;

    The people who control the world play the same game
    in every country! And the final result will be the same
    for all countries.

    PROPOSED PLAN: Should all countries which face the
    same problems collaborate to face the same enemy;

  2. brother ..u r very much correct on ur economic aspect ..but i just wantd to ask you .. if tablighees which conribute to about 2% of whole Pakistan population can gather 1000 rs.. why not 98% of people like you gather a rupee to build a magnificent hosital every month??

  3. Pakistan has been facing acute economic crises. The cause of such huge economic crises are because of complete dependecy over the other countries and not having indiginous economic plan. Pakistan has been relying on the aids and donations of America and other western countries for almost half century. We did not wok out to achive self relineces in all fields of life. Being an agricultural country we did not work out to put our agri. sector in the modern lines, so that per acer yeild productions should be increased. Beside that we should bring reformes in the agri. sector. The peasents should also be given land ownership, so that they can utilize their capabilities for increasing agri. produces.
    Another major problem for Pakistan is the lack of energy. Investment in this imprtant sector was not made, therfore industrial and agri. sector of our country could not achive modernization. becasue of energy crunch and soaring prices of energy, prices of our products are going sky high. So year after year our export is shrinking which is the disastrus pointy of an economy.
    Therfore, our top perority is to become self sufficent in energy sector. Our leadership should come together and ddiscuss the ways ans means of producing cheap electricity. That is the short term cure of economic crises. This will also be a step farward towards sustainbale economic development.

  4. Thats right.
    Just tell me Mr. Shakir, If these Religious gathering is useless then what is usefull here? Clubs? concerts? or any thing else. It takes so many money. Thats fine but what about the visits’ expences made by our politicians. A few days ago Our president went to England and stayed in the most expensive hotel of UK. Who is responsible for all this…..Our religious gatherings,….our politicians or even we ourselves….????

  5. dear columnist….with due respect you are supposed to be nuetral whem
    you are arising an economical issue….first u must aware what the tableeghi
    ijtima is…wat is going on there…they are acting upon a saying of quran and
    hadith….AMAR BILMAROOF WA NAHI ANIL MUNKAR….to whom you
    are saying USELESS…its not useless at all…and for your kind information
    there is no illegal activity…like theft of electricity…fuel etc…..
    and the ppl who support this…they also contributed in social donations…
    so please evalute all the facts..then tell the others..

  6. What nonsense comments you gave. The contribution of Tublagi jamat is here in uk, usa and europe is very high for the popularity and promoting islam. Even in Pakistan where 90% population having no access to education, the only resource of some knowledge and civilization is Tablagi Jamat and many others. We cannot stop this, rather on musical concert and firework activities should be stopped.
    This is not a solution you purposed.
    Very simple solution to stop import of oil (petrol and diesel) and convert all your transport on gas which is pakistan’s own product we have to stop providing gas for domestic purpose for domestic purpose all heating should be on electric heater and proper insulation in house is another requirement. Now to provide electricity is another problem, we have to take some emergency short term measure to produce electricity on wind energy. One can easily develop enormous amount of electricity by wind in two years. Than also we have to construct thousand of DAM for electricity. Another thing to reduce transmission line losses which are 40% of power at the moment. We have to take it to 15% like in develop world. Also we have to make some factories to make solar cells for power generation by solar. Only sand (silicon) is require for that purpose which is certainly available. We have already Institute of Silicon Research in Islamabad, we can use that research institute to develop cells this is about 7 years program.
    Another source is coal every body knows about that. We can start producing within 3 year of time. You should know that Karachi can be supplied by tidal Energy as well. This is only two year project.
    Nuclear power stations are very important to increase productivity of electricity, but to build small plants not worthy (China providing) we have to ask the world for big plants as India doing.
    We have to stop using this valuable resource gas for domestic purpose just we have to use it for fertilizer/other relative industry and for transport before it finishes. When we will not import oil than there will be no need of foreign exchange. And then we can control our currency not IMF.
    Only 60 Billion dollar on Pakistan. If pakistan govt. just provide law and order. All Pakistani aboard having about 200 Billion if they only invest in Pakistan. All the loan will be paid back in few years. Only our two leader having 6 billion. Do not tell any body that pay back corruption money tell them to just bring in Pakistani bank. The problem country face only when one do corruption and take abroad. If some body use corruption money in country. It will bring employment opportunities. It does not mean that we should allow but gradually we have to increase the quality of education in society. We should not do at once.
    Pakistan is blessed by Allah by all resources, we don’t need anybody’s help. We can help our self. Allah bless Pakistan. And make her as True Practicing Islamic, prosperous and helpful to world.

    Dr Ati, PhD

  7. dear shakir,



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