Pakistan Elections 2013 – Social Media Coverage

Pakistan Elections 2013

Social media updates on Pakistan Elections 2013

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How to find your Polling Station.

Send a your NIC number without dash symbol to 8300. You will get a reply with your serial number, block code and polling station address.
There is some delay reported in ECP system so please be patient.

What is happening on Election Day?

Algo of #MQM RT @saroorijaz: Hold Hostage, Press Conference, Play Victim, Warn, Murder, Call for a Strike. Day of Mourning. Repeat.Adnan Siddiqi
Bichari #MQM ko khuli rigging ki ijazat nahi mil rahi …what nonsense! #Karachi #NA250 #NA252 #NoFearKhi #PakVotesBaby Bhutto
Why should I caste a Vote??? I know that ECP allowed looters to contest in the election #11MayProtests #Vote4None #Pakistan #PakVotesZainab Mustafa
The Word "Thapa" has never been so important until MQM obtained its copyrights. How they obtained ? Really you don,t know?My Bit for Change
Heavy firing at Chanesar Goth at Boys Village School – NA251 PS114 UC4B near Parsi gate.Syed Ali Raza Abidi
Farooq Sattar saying the delayed polling in Karachi is an attempt to steal MQM’s mandate. What a joke. #Pakvotes #NA250 #Elections2013Kashif Aziz
Firing can be heard ahead of a polling station near Norwegian School for Boys in NA 251 and PS 114, reported ET correspondent Hafeez
A public service message on back of a rickshaw in Karachi. #VoteForPakistan #PakVotes #Elections2013 #Pakistan Lakhani

At the Polling Station

#Rawalpindi NA 55. Turn out increasing with pessage of time. #PakVotes Hassan
#PakVotes: How to Fold an Election Ballot Paper. See Image #Election2013 | #Pakistan | #PTI
A Special thanks to #MQM for finding my Booth Number,it help me to cast vote to their opponents 😀 #Election2013 #KarachiAdnan Siddiqi
#LagaDiaAngootha #StampOnBat #PakVotes Ali
If you are voting for PMLN, then this is the correct way #Election2013 Naseer
Ya Allah, saari qaum nikli hai, tou rehm kar! “@katebt3000: Another determined elderly voter in #Islamabad #pakvotes”Thanna Appiya.
There are no Lady Presiding Officers at Rangoonwala Hall (NA-252). #PakVotes Via: Ayza

Voting Issues and Discrepancies

MWM shia candidate Asghar Abbas kidnapped from Shah Faisal Colony #Karachi #Pakvotes #Pakistan #Election2013Karachi_Post
Seems no writ of ECP, Rangers or Army at polling stations. Stations are being hijacked by those morally defeated. @PTIPS118KarachiArsalan Taj Ghumman
#DunyaTV Live From #NA250: Stamps stolen from Ph 4 DHA School, ballot boxes delivered but threatened poll staff missing. #Pakistan #PakVotesDunya TV
NA 256 (Nasra School) may vote dalnay nahi diya jaraha hai…logon se ballet papers le k MQM log khud stamp laga rahe @MansoorGeoNewsFaisal NA-245
Complaints of rigging from NA254 zia colony korangi sector 32/A #Karachi. voters saying police not helping saying "we been kicked out"Ovais Jafar
NA-244, boxes full of stamped ballot papers already present in MQM stronghold of Buffer Zone and other areas. #PakVotes via:
Voters check your ballot boxes are sealed. Unsealed ballot boxes being delivered #NA250 #PakVotesAyesha Tammy Haq
Everyone make it viral that they are not letting women vote at Rangoonwala Hall NA 252. #PakVotes” @MansoorGeoNews #ECP wtf?maham khan
Just in: Presiding officer made the mistake of telling dadi to go back home & her vote will be cast #SOS #malirSana Saleem
Presiding officer’s evidence that back-of-ballot stamp not recd but is carrying out polling #NA250 @PakVotesSabeen Mahmud
This #election2013 has become a joke in #NA250 . People standing in lines irritated and amused by turns as lines are made then broken. #voteKiran Bashir Ahmad
No polling staff, material yet at booths in Phase 4, DHA | NA-250 booth also without material. #PakVotes via:
My sister could not vote. She was pushed out of polling booth after her name was marked without getting ballot paper @_FAFEN @PakVotes NA3Yasir Khan
PS-126 Gulshan Iqbal RIGGED by MQM #PakVotesKhalid Khan

Where to Complain?

#ECP has provided this number to register complaints 0519210865-please spread it and make complaints of your area #PTI #PPP #PMLN #PakvotesArfa Nazeer

What’s next?

Elections in Karachi are mostly rigged. What’s next? Will PTI accept the results? #Pakvotes #Elections2013 #NA250Kashif Aziz
Bitter truth #Pakistan #Karachi #elections2013 #DisqualifyMqm Patel

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  1. jamat e islami boycotts from karachi and hyderabad, in karachi mqm has totally control on almost all polling stations,peoples are facing lot of problems in casting their votes what will be the result of all this.

  2. I am from karachi NA 252 /PS 116.(Polling Station BYJ Schoo Jamshed Town Fatima Jinnah Colony) I have Send my CNIC no on 8300 to check my voting information. The reply was block code 412060304 Sr. no.(So and So). but when I went out to cast my vote those references say something else . It was not me registered against those reference provided by ECP on reply SMS.May ALLAH help us? The So called representatives of Karachi (You know what I mean) are all over inside the polling stations and once again same old drill. Rigging is on boss karachi ka kuch nahee ho sakta (sorry to say but no rule of law no serious attitude from ECP and law enforcers including the arm forces. Once again the terror will define or select the winner. I am really angry It not the begging of NEW Pakistan It’s the same old terror culture.

    AB TO ALLAH HEE HAFIZ HA. Other we are not more than rubber stamps…


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