Vote for Nobody: Ballot Paper in Pakistan should have None of the Above option

Vote for Nobody - None of the above

Elections 2018 is just around the corner and its the same story as before. The political parties of Pakistan are putting up same faces, the so-called electables who won their seats on the basis of family background, wealth, or party backing. However, they deliver nothing on ground, leaving the voters … Read more

Karachi Elections 2013: Rigging, Harassment, and Criminal Negligence by ECP

MQM Rigging New Karachi Godhra

The elections in Karachi were full of blatant rigging, cheating and harassment by MQM. ECP showed its criminal negligence while the LEAs have mostly stood aside, arguing that they have not received the orders to interfere. Zainab Imam sums up the rigging at NA-250, and why MQM is afraid of … Read more

Pakistan Elections 2013 – Social Media Coverage

[View the story “Pakistan Elections 2013” on Storify] Pakistan Elections 2013 Social media updates on Pakistan Elections 2013 Storified by Chowrangi· Sat, May 11 2013 13:27:23 How to find your Polling Station. Send a your NIC number without dash symbol to 8300. You will get a reply with your serial … Read more

Over 750,000 UNDP trained government staff joined election duties


More than 750,000 government employees trained by the UNDP have joined election duties at the 69,876 polling stations across Pakistan. Following the ECP’s announcement on appointing the electoral staff at the polling stations, over 7000,000 employees of the Federal and Provincial Governments comprising the ECP staff members and school teachers … Read more

Find your Polling Station through SMS – innovative service by Election Commission of Pakistan

Find Polling Station by SMS

Election Commission of Pakistan has launched a system today through which voters can conveniently find their polling stations across Pakistan. You just have to send a SMS to 8300 containing your NIC number without any dashes. You will receive a reply back with following details: – Block Code – Series … Read more

Pervez Musharraf banned from contesting Elections in Pakistan

Pervez Musharraf

The former SSG Commando, ex-Army Chief and Dictator General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has been banned from contesting elections in Pakistan. The 69-year-old applied to run for parliament in four seats but was rejected immediately from all but the northern district of Chitral, on the Afghan border. A three-judge panel in … Read more

Election Commission allowed candidates to keep five civilian armed bodyguards

Pakistan Private Security Guards

Considering the law and order and dire security situation in Pakistan, The Election Commission of Pakistan has allowed candidates to keep five civilian bodyguards with licensed arms during the polls campaign. The News quoted Masood Khan Afridi, Additional Inspector General Police, Operations, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: “Under instructions from the Election Commission … Read more

MQM Haqiqi announced candidates for Elections 2013

MQM Haqiqi

The Muhajir Qaumi Movement (Haqiqi) or MQM Haqiqi has announced candidates for provincial and national assemblies for Elections 2013, with chairman Aafaq Ahmed contesting from two national assembly seats in Karachi. MQM-H candidates for Sindh Assembly: – PS 64: Abdus Salam – PS 82: Ikramuddin – PS 94: Arif Khan … Read more