Pain beneath the pleasure


This happens to be my first post. ….was feeling bored so decided to write something and came up with this one….hope u’ll like it.

Closing his eyes, he feels relieved
he’s on a high with drugs
the substance has numbed his senses
and he answers all questions with shrugs

The pain underneath the substance
this will never surface
such sadistic pleasure from this ephemral ecstasy
is a flight away from grace

His feelings are numbed by the drugs he takes
the pang, the agony seems to have gone
but this transient phase comes to an end
and he realizes that he’s alone

Sitting in a dark sully place
bearing affliction and grumbling with pain
strong winds push against his fragile body
his attempts to stand turned out to be vain

The walls seem to be closing in
and he knew his hour was near
the life is slipping from his hand
but now he has no fear

As the world pulls him down
he begins to prepare for this unknown leap
then plunges into abyss of the darkness
and falls into a deep sleep

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