OGRA Website Hacked By Indian Hackers

OGRA Hacked

OGRA Website hacked by Indian Hackers.

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  1. wounded afghan i appreciate your post, and i know u are right

    but please dont associate me with indian….i am nothing like them and wanna have nothing to do with them

    I am from Kurram Agency and by history, we have always screwed the indians when they tried to capture our holy lands

    indian are a bunch of chickens with no head…and its evident….they couldnt even protect their most important city from 10 men with AKs.

    rather than be a man and improve their security, they are crying to America begging for support.

    i dont respect india

  2. I totally agree with ” THETRUTH”

    I have friends from pakistan and india…. and i never felt that they are from 2 different nations… they seems so close in every sense…..

    these indian-pakistanies here are fighting and runing around like headless chikens….
    they r wasting their resources, time, efforts…. every thing is going in vain
    so sad… westreners are laughing at their stupidity…

    there are tyrants on both sides… there are ppl like RSS who follow the ideology of CHANAKEYA th most cunning and dishonest person in chandar gupt morya’s kingdom… and Taliban…..on other hand…. who have invented their verssion of voilent islam
    but, 4 how long all this will go on…????/???

    as a peace and humanity loving individual… I wish and hope that india and pakistan will become good nighbours just for the sake of humanity…. they r humans 1st and hindus, muslims later…..
    both countries and people specialy need to get rid of their culprit politicians….
    thats how they can establish peace…. this political system is the cancer…. and it require critical and intensive surgery….


  3. so i hope this ends here, and those Z company kids…… plz grow up guys…….thats what all i can say to them

    Piss Off You Asshole

  4. i think ICW, PCA and PakBugs resolved the matter with a gud discussion and decided not to do any more defacements.

    we all r very very talented and we can help each other rather than fighting among our self. a joint statement has been issued bt PCA, ICW and PakBugs which can be checked here


    so i hope this ends here, and those Z company kids…… plz grow up guys…….thats what all i can say to them

  5. This is getting worse .. our governments are to blame for keeping us in some kinof myth regarding what exactly is going on behind the terror attacks. Every1 wants peace. Still there is no peace. it means that there is some1 else who doesn’t want peace .When ever a terror attack happens in pak most of the govt officials,media blame india for that .. same is the case in india. As soon as the terror attack happens gov of india blames it on pak. But evry pak and indian citizen wan peace . How is it possible?? Some unknown sources are involved in these attacks who want to exploit this situation for their own benefit. As a normal citizen has no other way to get the information about what exactly is happening, we just keep on believing our media. Media is the biggest shit in democracy . They are of no gud use. They jus want some spicy news … they don’t care abt the real truth. They jus emphasize their point (which is more interesting and simple) so strongly that we jus take it for granted its true. i feel ur the dumbest a*ses in this world .. Don u even understand what is going on?? It is not a gr8 thing to shoot some1 if you hav a gun … itz morality which stops us from doing such thing. You hav resources to do some thing … so u keep on doing this shit for pride. Finally no1 gonna gain anything gud. Ur no different from a terrorist who get motivated by all false notion and do some weird things. Finally who gonna suffer?? The innocent people who always wan peace. Better you stop this or rethink abt what is happening before you act.

    watch zeitgeist (a documentary on world order), u will kno wt i’m talking abt.


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