OGRA Website Hacked By Indian Hackers

OGRA Hacked

OGRA Website hacked by Indian Hackers.

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  1. no need to send any army…

    there are already naxalites, assam rebels, tamil rebels (india supports them in sri lanka), and about 300 other militant seperatist groups in india –a lot of them indian hindu terror groups supported by BJP

    i think you have your hands full. I condemn the terror attacks in Mumbai —but your intelligence and security failed you miserably. In 48 hours they still havent stabilized the situation which is unacceptable

    and sorry to break it to you —but the terrorists are all indian. They were heard speaking in your hindi bhindi language. How in hell can somebody come from Pakistan to india with all these guns and ammos?? its impossible. And our army/ISI has no interest to bother with you scum bags —we are already in war with taleban

    p.s. ZEE-SPORTS website hacked by Zombie/Hamza approx. 35 minutes ago


  2. One more on ur way….

    u Fuckers…. get out now we will be targetting ur Banks…
    Fuck u out…u and ur people will not survive any more….

    Jai HInd

  3. @ Gen. Ayub Khan

    u dont need to worry abt mumbai, our army and police are enough to take care of those mother fucking pakistani terrorists who r trying to spoil the peace of our country and trying to check the patience of we indians.

    our army is fighting in there own way and we are fighting in our own way……

    idk weather u have heard the name of those sites or not….. but dont worry …… if u want to taste our patience and talent ICW will show PCA and those Z com assholes what ICW r capable of.

    If i am right u must be in Army…. why dont u guys come forward and fight like a true man with our indian army ??? when u pople will stop hiding behind proxies and spread terrorism like a HIJDA ?? if u have the guts, come get some from US.


    what a clown!! Those sites he hacked i havent even heard of in my life!

    I better contact Humza to get to work. They still havent learned their lessons –these bloody cow-worshippers.

    incompetent hindustanys……go stabilize your mumbai shmumbai first –then worry about (attempting) hacks. Your army and police are so useless they cant even save peoples lives. Your web security is so weak you cant even save your crap websites and institutions from Pakistani and Chinese hackers.

    natural born losers

  5. PHC so u think u guys are super 31337 ??
    and if u guys will hack ONGC and CID and other institutes we will not say anything to u ???
    u underestimated the knowledge of Indian Cyber Warriors. Its u guys who need to read some books kiddos.

    U fund terrorism and kill inosent people and u say u guys are inosent ???

    we are not like previous groups, if u hack one indian site we will hack 10 paki sites.

    so better think 100 times before u deface any indian site, and yeah till now we have not deleted any of urs dbs but u guys deleted the DB of BOB. next time u guys delete any thing then be prepared for the payback.




    2) http://healthnwfp.gov.pk

    3) http://happybox.com.pk



    and offcourse


    and be prepared for more to come

  6. lol

    im actually starting to feel sorry for these indians

    maybe we should give them a few hours of rest. It appears half of mumbai is in flames right now and they deserve time to clean up the mess.

    i bet the indian are already blaming Pakistan….just watch

    if any of you guys out there can hit http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/ then i will be eternally grateful

    it is a FIERCELY anti-Pakistan anti-Islam web-forum about indian bhindian defence

    hit these haram zadayo


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