Obama picks openly gay lawyer as ambassador

David HuebnerI used to respect Obama a lot, even though he turned out to be a spineless wimp when dealing with Israel. But now I think the man has lost his marbles. He has picked an openly gay lawyer (David Huebner) to be an ambassador. Now let’s get one thing clear: I know that gays can’t help being homosexuals. They’re born that way, just as a man can’t help it if he’s a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu. But while I have no reservations having lunch or dinner with non-Muslims, I do have this strange feeling about homos. I mean, as long as I don’t know whether he’s gay or not, it doesn’t matter (by the way, I’ve never come across an openly gay person in my life), but with someone who openly admits to having sex with members of his own gender, I feel queasy.

How does one shake hands with such a man? I only hope this guy Huebner (he seems to be Jewish) is not appointed ambassador to Pakistan or any Muslim country. Of course, the question of him being appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia or Yemen doesn’t arise (in those places, they take homosexuals to the roof of the tallest building in town and throw them down). But I do think it’d be nice if he’s made ambassador to India (I think they need such people there, they must be bored with so much female nudity around).

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  1. @ Hend: “as long as it is not causing a problem to anyone else”. Some (if not most) homosexuals are also bisexual, they transmit the HIV virus to their wives or girl friends, and that’s why it can be a problem for society.

  2. Thirty-nine plus years ago I was in US Navy basic training. One day all sixty of us were in the showers, and I turned when I felt a prodding impact upon my bare left buttock, to see one grinning black fellow named Smith, in full playful readiness for what could only be an unnatural act, and half a dozen of his giggling black buddies watching his antics with gleeful anticipation.

    The only conscious thought I recall having was to plant my feet squarely on the slippery shower-room floor, as my right hand reached about ten feet behind me, tightened into a fist about the size and hardness of a 12-pounder cannon ball, and launched itself at the speed of light at Smith’s grin. It landed in an eyeblink roughly in the middle of his face with a crack like a small-caliber pistol shot, breaking his nose and then his elbow when he hit the tile wall maybe twenty feet away.

    I looked around at his pals to see if any of them wanted any, too. No grins to be seen.

    I don’t know if Smith was gay, frustrated or simply stupid (that’s it), but guys with creepy designs make me uneasy, too.

    Let’s see–Condoleezy, this fellow, how ’bout a gay female midget next time? Surely everyone can relate.

  3. homosexuality is found in many animal species.

    among humans not all homosexuals are natural, some become homosexual due to external influences such as their environment. excessive publicity in the media to homosexuality and such people can encourage such tendencies.

    having said this, if we live in a democratic society then we have to respect their democratic rights and freedom to choose their way of life as long as it is not causing a problem to anyone else.

  4. @ “a second thought”: homosexuality is not natural, you don’t find it among animals. Moreover, it can result in the spread of AIDS, exposing innocent people to the risk of contracting the disease. That’s why it should be condemned.

  5. Hmmm… just goes to show that even though I believed that educated people in alot of countries, including Pakistan still don’t know the fact that being gay is NOT a matter of choice. You are born that way, and they are humans after all so being openly gay, should not factor into whether you can do something or not. Having said that, I know that in some countries being gay is looked down upon, you could say because of the culture or religious matters, but we need to understand that it is not a crime being gay, unless you live in some conservative countries..and that is also one of the main reasons in my opinion for the regressive view on being gay.

  6. I sometimes think homosexuality is a result of seeing too much female nudity. I once heard that some fashion designers (including one who was killed in Karachi) were gay. It seems that these men who were surrounded by near-naked girls practically all the time got bored with straight sex and became homos. Maybe I’m wrong, but this could be an explanation.

  7. SL
    “But I do think it’d be nice if he’s made ambassador to India (I think they need such people there, they must be bored with so much female nudity around).”


    we don’t mind, homosexuals are also human beings, God’s children. the assumption that a homosexual will go around naked or propositioning people seems prejuduced don’t you think?

    if he is the ambassador, we have to give him all the respect that is due to his post and judge him by his knowledge and performance, like any other human.

  8. Lets look at our government. One can find mudreres, theifs, blood suckers, rapiest, car lifters, shoe lickers etc. What we need to do is correct ourselves.


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