Obama picks openly gay lawyer as ambassador

David HuebnerI used to respect Obama a lot, even though he turned out to be a spineless wimp when dealing with Israel. But now I think the man has lost his marbles. He has picked an openly gay lawyer (David Huebner) to be an ambassador. Now let’s get one thing clear: I know that gays can’t help being homosexuals. They’re born that way, just as a man can’t help it if he’s a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu. But while I have no reservations having lunch or dinner with non-Muslims, I do have this strange feeling about homos. I mean, as long as I don’t know whether he’s gay or not, it doesn’t matter (by the way, I’ve never come across an openly gay person in my life), but with someone who openly admits to having sex with members of his own gender, I feel queasy.

How does one shake hands with such a man? I only hope this guy Huebner (he seems to be Jewish) is not appointed ambassador to Pakistan or any Muslim country. Of course, the question of him being appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia or Yemen doesn’t arise (in those places, they take homosexuals to the roof of the tallest building in town and throw them down). But I do think it’d be nice if he’s made ambassador to India (I think they need such people there, they must be bored with so much female nudity around).

15 thoughts on “Obama picks openly gay lawyer as ambassador”

  1. @ Zehra: what makes you think I want to shake hands with you? As for all Muslim girls knowing about lesbianism, I don’t agree. There may be a few (like you) who know about it (and may even be lesbians), but I’ve never come across them.

  2. OMG, are you joking? SL: dude, seriously, get a life. And broaden your horizons. you make me quesy and i am not sure if I would ever want to shake your hand. also, go talk to some pakistani (muslim) girls. they ALL know about lesbianism. sheesh.

  3. It’s wrong to judge people in a generalised way. There are gays who sleep with people of their gender, others who simply are attracted to members of their own gender.

    As long as their orientation is not harmful to anyone or anything, what wrong can be said about them?

  4. So in order to arrive at a balanced conclusion or consensus, what should be our approach towards homosexuals?
    How should we deal with natural/ biological gays? and habitual gays?
    At the same time how do we ensure that we are not persecuting them?
    I would like to know your thoughts, that will help me form a more balanced and informed opinion.

  5. @ Hend: Muslim women (almost all of them, that is) are not interested in sex outside of marriage. And most of them are compelled by peer pressure to get married in their teens (in some places almost immediately after attaining puberty, which happens at the age of 12), so they’ve never heard of lesbianism.


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