NRO “Party” Is Finally Over?

The coming few weeks will unfold what really has been decided behind the curtain, but for the time being it is clear that the reign of the “few” has been put to a hold by the popular will. In a single day many important events converged to setup the tone for the late night saga, where the PPP (headed from the presidency) and its allies have to go back on their stance of passing “NRO” from the parliament. As translated earlier, this whole attempt was no more than to pass, from the most prestigious platform, a law which is so shameful that the list of beneficiaries and there acts can still be found as a classified documents.

It was always clear that we will be taken back into the era of 1990’s in case this resolution was tabled in the parliament. PML-N as expected was to oppose this, but at the same time it was also in the air that some back door settlement was in the making. In the end it was a furious Mr. Nawaz Sharif himself who announced that the lines have been drawn and NRO will not be allowed to pass through the NA unchecked. The claims went much further when it was reported that a threat of another “long march” has also been issued.

Closely following were there former partners turned enemies PML-Q. Its leadership also raised the flag for the final showdown in case NRO was tabelled. This was natural as they knew it was there loop holes which allowed an ordinance like this to be issued in the first place under Musharraf.

The show stopper performance of the day came from an unlikely source, the MQM. As soon as news started floating that Mr. Altaf Hussain, the very person who proposed the name of Mr. Zardari as the Presidential candidate has advised him to resign; it was crystal clear that the “fairy tale” has been brought to a sudden close. There were claims followed by counter claims regarding MQM stance, but for observers it was clear that what Altaf expresses is a natural expression of the MQM.

Anyhow what followed is history, and in the end it was decided by the coalition that NRO wont be tabled in the parliament. With this the only news which has captured the centre stage is the (Minus 1). The only force which would have rallied the votes behind NRO was the presidency, and its collapse in this way clearly set the stage that the top office has lost its game. Many theories and conspiracies can be unearthed in this regard. Some say that Hillary’s visit was the “final nail” in this political coffin. Her tour clearly revealed to the Americans that their “YES” man has lost his credibility at home. Voices will be heard that why Americans have now dumped the setup which was designed by themselves for this land? The answer in short term can be simple that they have replaced an unpopular puppet with a person who has become even more unpopular with the passage of time. In long term its answer lies in the solution Americans so eagerly wants in our neighbouring Afghanistan.

In any case once again the popular will has played the vital role in turning the side. For president now it is a simple equation………….. whether a group will have to pack up or in the second case the entire system will have to follow them down the road??? These are the times where leadership is tested,, and owing to the previous record I have no doubt that the top office will try its best to out maneuver the masses once again, but ofcourse like before it will be the top office which will be standing on the wrong side of the road………….

13 thoughts on “NRO “Party” Is Finally Over?”

  1. @hina mir
    turning the mirror upside down doesnt change the features?
    NRO isnt over until all the things atached with it are settled………..nd in case media shud change its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!well for that 1st we have to change where we stand rite nw!!!!its nt d field of roses dat we r walking through…….its happening thats why dey r breaking………..

  2. Its about time this NRO thing is over so now what MEDIA? Now they will pick on something else and keep bragging about it all day tlong to fill our lives with tension. They have made us so habitual of the BREAKING NEWS CULTURE. We are always wanting to view some thrill as soon as we turn on the television. For Heaven sake this needs to stop MEDIA before its too late.


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