No to 5-day week

Those who are in favour of another weekly holiday beside Sunday, cite (among other things), the tremendous progress made by countries which observe a five-day working week. They forget that after the second world war, the citizens of the defeated countries worked an extra four hours daily without claiming overtime or extra wages. They ignore the fact that in advanced countries, political parties do not call for strikes, and work does not come to a standstill for three days if a political figure is assassinated (as happened recently after the murder of Ms Benazir Bhutto).

They claim that the measure will result in a huge cut in electricity consumption. What about the extra electricity which will be used when offices and factories have to work an extra hour every day to maintain output? As for the enormous saving in fuel which is expected, the exact opposite will occur. All provincial government employees will head in their vehicles for their hometowns on Friday evenings to spend two days there (which they can’t do with one weekly holiday). As for those living in cities, they will spend the extra holiday going for overnight picnics to distant places, consuming more fuel than they normally do. And an extra weekly holiday will be the last straw for industrialists, who are already reeling from the effects of the rioting, looting and burning which took place last month, as well as the power breakdowns which affect production.

Rather than observe Saturday and Sunday as weekly holidays, it would be much better if we gave up two holidays (5th February and 1st May) which make the nation poorer and our rivals happy.

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  1. @ Sumair: so a 4-day week would be even better? Why not stop all work during Ramadhan (since Pakistani Muslims act as if they’re doing a great favour to their employers by fasting and working at the same time)?

  2. I do not take part in such debates, but I would like to point out few things: –

    1. Starting Up anything from Car to Computer take more energy then using it for an extra hour.
    2. In Pakistan People do not have enough money to live a simple like, how can they enjoy picnics or leisure time, people do not have sufficient time to complete their personal/home task (getting things fixed, home improvement etc).
    3. People working in Govt. or Private save money by not going to their home towns or village by staying in their work city for months, how can they afford to spend that money every weekend. The people who use official mode of transportation for going home, use it on Friday as well (Half-day).
    4. A Vehicle makes 12 x Pick & Drop trips per 6 days, it would save a days fuel (2 Trips), do the maths.
    5. More A/C & Heaters a used in Start of the Day too cool down or heat up the rooms / offices, as the end of the approaches the systems are turned off or turned low.
    6. And for progress in working on Saturdays well, how much do we work on normal days (for progress)? Specially in Govt. sector, as most of the private sector is already working over time and taking 2 weekly days off.

    As I said before, I do not take part in such debates, as it does not achieve any results (i.e Kerry-Lugar Bill). Yes it is a good way of “Public Awareness, but they history is repeated again and again, with the same Rules on Faces & people are changed, over thrown or Jailed. We the public do not have a control over fraud in elections or the aid which is sent to help Pakistan nor to help Politicians or people in Govt. High places.

    Change the Rules (New Education System so that poor or middle class children can have better learning) & Change bureaucracy (as common/innocent people/public of Pakistan are used for political agendas) and then work hard for progress of this country, as a “Nation United” & not fighting over minor issues.


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