No Justice My Lord: Dr Aafia Convicted!

It was around 1am in Pakistan while may be 2pm down in New York, but for one woman, her family and her children it was all over. The jury based on no fact handed down “guilty” verdict to Dr Aafia Siddiqui, linking her to all the 7 charges filed against her. Shock, ashamed and broken it took me nearly 10 hours to sit down and write something, because all along the way through Chowrangi and other forums, we all in vain begged the US public to open their eyes and save themselves from a disgrace like this but like many other facts, its evident that they have chosen for themselves the inheritance of “wild Viking or Mongols”.

With this conviction the US judiciary must have woken up George Washington from his peaceful asleep, because until now his soul was under the impression that US brutalities and imperialist policies have yet not polluted the mainland as if Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and earlier Hiroshima do not fall in their jurisdiction.

Freedom, justice and equality is what we know about US and French revolution, but from now on its time to change the theme of this history. There is no justice in their court room, as the fools sitting there never asked the agencies under which law she was arrested, what about the horrific time she spent in Afghanistan’s famous Bagram prision and later her shifting to New York? These living Nazis never mentioned her children who went missing and two of them are still unaccounted. I must say that after this verdict the US marines must be given a lock and a chain to guard their weapons too, because a lady can snatch them, turn them into donkey’s and later fire the same weapon on them (ofcourse it was a cover up as later the official account of the witnesses never matched).

Terror to eradicate terror can only be engineered by the US think tanks, because all along the way the theory of winning hearts and mind has been sidelined. The most advanced nation can kill upto a million in Afghanistan and Iraq in order to take revenge of 3000 of its people, and still call it a war against terror, amazing.

None of us ever appreciated the acts of 9/11, but what about the 9/11 unleashed on us every day???If our life means nothing to you, fear a time when it will be the same for you, but of course we haven’t sunk into evil age that much.

The 8 years of Bush were seen as a tragedy for Americans by us, as it was perceived that like Musharraf here you were not represented by your leader, and it was one man show. But now this dilemma of “black man in the white house” has proven that they are in no mood to wash away their sins. All they want is to turn this world into a battle filed, where instead of nations entire civilizations come against each other in an eternal war. Obama “the liar” is worse than Bush even, as he has played with the tools of morality to enhance the same agenda. This injustice right under his nose shows his future aspiration, and I bet that the chain of events paint a picture more horrific than the one we witnessed in the past.

That was for the Americans but how could I leave the Mir Jaffar of Pakistan, Mr Musharraf. Just for the blessing of his masters he sold people like Aafia to these merchants of death. I wonder what he feels today at his luxurious apartment in London. Let the history repeat itself and a day should come where his daughter comes to him and ask the question which we have been forced to ask. The present regime, the entire leadership can relax too with their shameless power and authority, because from my side being silent is a bigger crime than the one committed by the executor.

Its not about whether Aafia was involved with Al-Qaeda or not, but its easy for me to say today that with this act in my eyes and so for the 180 million Pakistanis she has been proven innocent. She has served much more than the crime she never committed on ground, a family lost, a mother deprieved and a nation left heart broken. Whether she gets now 100 years in sentence, she has written her name in the history books. I just wish if Iqbal was here today, what a master piece he would have written like the one he did for Fatima Barnawi.

When justice fails, it takes every thing with it. The “prisioner 650” is not a criminal, she is an outstanding person with an excellent track record, but above she is a human, mother and a daughter. We can celebrate our life normally by saying we have nothing to do with her, but just ask yourself if silence is the answer, next Aafia will be whose daughter, sister or mother? Allah will decide her fate but we have been disappointed greatly, and my tone is so harsh because I never expected this from the so called West full of values. We beg you to wake up from this dream based on “realpolitik” and return to the values which are human atleast.

To you Aafia, we are ashamed of ourselves as a nation…………………..

23 thoughts on “No Justice My Lord: Dr Aafia Convicted!”

  1. @Hamid: Yes. Sad that we still have to put so much effort into circumstances on the ground of this planet, when we could be moving out to other ones much faster. I heard Obama just put the Mars terra-forming plan on the back burner; spending too much helping you guys get your sh– together.

    Waitin’ on you, Bubba Hamid! 🙂

    It comes to me that no one should give up on Aafia Siddiqhi, especially herself. She is yet fairly young, very educated and potentially useful, and that it’s not too late for her to recover her life and put it back together, and put this miserable chapter behind her. Of course, she will have to want to do it for herself.

    So if you’re inclined to cheer for her, keep cheering, and hopefully reason will prevail sooner rather than later, and she can be free and fruitful again.

  2. @james
    well i wont say more than dis dat US evolution has not taken them much far from the midevil Genghis…..who was heard saying
    “i make war to bring peace to my people’
    a plan is never hidden….a conspiracy is……
    nd Swat was a case of excellent comittment of our troops…..nd dats why the result was so hailed even at ur side

  3. @Shakir: Absolutely. I wouldn’t have known who she was, or that she even existed, if I hadn’t found out about her here at Chowrangi. An awful lot of Americans are tired of hearing about Al Qaeda, Taliban, Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11 and all that misery, and have quit listening to it.

    I went to a local watering-hole a few days ago and brought up the subject with some of my good acquaintances; about two in five knew of her, and neither of the two knew her name until I said it.

    It occurs to me that she might have had a good bit more benefit of the doubt being female; mostly we think of terrorist suspects as male. But her total intractability undid whatever sympathy she might have gotten on the female angle. Looks to me like she asked for a conviction.

    Maybe you should ask her ex about her, or somebody who knows her well, if you think you might get an unbiased answer.


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