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You always wanted to write that great blog post, which make you Ideal Blogger from Paradise? Well than there is no solution for your this illusion, but there are some guidelines which one could follow to be one hell of a blogger.

Well, let me repeat this umpteenth time, that content is the king. Select your topic with care and then enrich it with pertinent content. Readability, Credibility, digestibility and Memorability of your post would be more than possible if your post is brief. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said,” A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Blog posts are meant to be very focused, to-the-point and spot-on from the onset. They shouldn’t be wayward from their topic from start to end. Preambles aren’t really a must for a typical blog post. Their are literally millions of blogs out there and there are thousands among those blogs which are highly rated and read by a respectable number of readers. In this cut-throat blog jungle, you need to strive with the every drop of skill of you have to attract and keep the attention of the reader. So work very hard on the title and the first line of your post.

Make your post as much as a joy read as possible. Even cover a gloomy and dreadful subject in a light and convincing way. Don’t make a joyous subject a dreadful read, by elongating it and by inflating it with jargon and elusive ideas nobody gives a darn to. Jargon is a vocabulary used within a specific company or industry. It is often meaningless to the common blog readers and it isn’t apposite to the lightness side of the blog.

Relate, resonate and hang with your readers. Illustrate and tell your blog post. Know your target readers and try to speak their language. Humans are made to love and pay attention to stories, so make your blog post a look-alike of a story. Don’t harangue but just tell. Reveal yourself in your posts. Make your personality vivid in the posts, because you cannot hide it, the hiding will only cost you the credibility. Just speak it out.

Make your post as much as charging and energetic as possible. Don’t be lame and languid, but set your words on fire, and electrify the idea. Charge up your reader, so that he could return to you for that flame, whenever he needs it, and believe me they need it every now and then.

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