My Assets

There used to be a fort on the central citadel now known as Kila Kohna Qasim Bagh in Multan. Save some debris and parts of walls at places nothing is left of the historic fort for next generations. Ravages of time have obliterated all except a verse etched on the western gateway.

This verse along with the name of Muhammad bin Qasim who is considered as builder of the fort has carved an eternal slot in the archives of history. The verse reads: “A bud is hesitant to sprout, foliages around it are surprised why the bud is sad, unwilling and ask, why you are not sprouting. Look what is around you: running water, proximity of flowers, fluttering birds, morning air, and dew. What else you need?”

I have lived in Multan for many years. Seeing my pathetic condition on return from there, friends asked, “You have been in Multan for so long. What have you brought from there?” A lot I replied. “What?” They asked curiously. I opened my box and took out my book of days, opened a page and presented it to them. The forgoing verse was written on that page.

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