Magic using personal information

In some forms of magic, all that is required is the mother’s or father’s name. In others, your date of birth. It is extremely important that a person does not give personal information on any website, least of all to people claiming to be amils on websites. In this day and age, everyone wants to earn money in any manner possible. Until now, we had heard of fake amils advertising in the paper but it is shocking to see how many people have now started websites claiming to be amils. One thing is obvious, they are all fakes. They always want money first, and then they will send you some taweez to wear. Taweez is for protection. So where is the cure?

Let’s say that a person claiming to be an amil on some website is actually a Black Magician. He does something on you to control your mind. Then what are you going to do? You will keep spending on him because your mind will become numb to this. In your eyes he will be a savior because of the effect of the magic he has done on you using your personal information.

People who advertise are also fakes. Real amils never advertise. Many of them are fakes and some are actually Black Magicians and when a person visits them they do some magic to control his/her mind. Then that person is ruined financially. He/She will now do whatever the Magician tells them.

Some fake amils actually tell people that they will need to sacrifice this many goats and this many sheep to rid the person of magic. Then the fake will tell the person that they don’t need to worry about the goats and sheep, he will buy it hmself. All he needs is the money. So this innocent person will hand the fake thousands of rupees.

Everyone is responsible for himself/herself and it is about time people started exercising common sense. It is about time people stopped posting personal information on websites and visiting fakes who advertise.

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  1. i have a situation at home and i need to know a few things about this topic as im totally lost:

    -how effective is black magic when a persons first name and there mothers first name is obtained?

    -what are the significance of incense sticks, to be specific patchouli incense sticks

    – how long should it take affect if someone were to obtain details of your name and date of birth and they wanted to perform some sort of separation black magic

    -can people from other faiths perform black magic, such as catholics hindus etc?

    -how can u be healed from black magic if you arent muslim, obviously quran cannot be recited

    -by obtaining personal information of your name, can a magician know your past and present, how you feel, what problems you face.

    -if the above is true, why cant magicians be used to find valuable information for example, bin ladens hide out?

    -is numerology and symbols used in black magic

  2. Aamna,

    Magic can be done on any picture printed from anywhere. However, i’m unsure about a picture on a moniter screen. At the same time, thank you for spreading the truth about these fakes.

    You are correct in stating that on the internet it is educated people who are getting fooled. Fraud is everywhere. From the time i posted my e-mail on my blog, i’ve been getting e-mails like crazy from a lot of different people stating i’ve won millions of dollars and that they need my personal information and a ‘fee’ to continue with some process.

    Can you believe that a lot of people actually believe these kinds of e-mails. People really need to start using their common sense.

    Once again, thank you for spreading the truth about fake amils.

  3. Also, although it may be against the Islam Faith, I want to post something here that I feel could really help some who want to try to destroy magic quickly….I know from experience that this works…and it is very powerful.

    Magic works because something is typically used of the victim, hair, clothes, a utensil they ate off of, a picture as well…what happens is a psychic connection is made between you and the black magician, tying negative energies to the items of yours and therefore effecting you negatively. In order to fully heal yourself, the ties must be broken to the negativity, and to the items that were used against you.

    You can attempt to undo this by performing the following ritual yourself…WARNING…DO NOT DO THIS RITUAL IF YOU CONSIDER YOUR CASE A SERIOUS CASE OF BLACK MAGIC…IT COULD BE DANGEROUS FOR YOU TO DO IF IT IS A SERIOUS CASE…ONLY DO IN LIGHT-MEDIUM CASES THAT ARE NOT LIFE THREATENING..I suggest it only be done in lighter cases, because the need of an exorcist/healer is needed in serious cases as well…….I would strongly suggest this cure along with the other prayers suggested by yusha on this site…….you will feel the evil leave you immediately upon doing it…Think of any items that may have been used to harm you, hair, objects, mirrors, whatever. gather them ahead of time and make replicas.

    Take a picture of yourself PRINTED FROM THE INTERNET (otherwise it will not work as well) …if the items are large and cannot be burned, you can simply draw a picture of them onto the paper of your picture. Think of anything that may have possibly been used to hurt you…

    place a drop of your blood onto the picture of YOU ….along with some of your saliva and put SEA SALT ON TOP OF IT….Light it on fire….say BURN MAGIC BURN….REMOVE ALL LINKS TO MAGIC THAT HAVE BEEN PLACED ON ME….BURN MAGIC BURN…REMOVE ALL EVIL THAT HAS BEEN EFFECTING MY LIFE or (anyone else who is effected) BURN MAGIC BURN, REMOVE ALL NEGATIVITY THAT HAS BEEN BLOCKING MY LIFE IN —–money,love, etc. DO NOT FORGET THE SEA SALT..

    Then, you put in the fire ANYTHING ELSE THAT MAY HAVE BEEN USED AGAINST YOU….a mirror, some of your hair, anything you can think of….and PLACE SEA SALT ON TOP OF IT…if you have emails from the person you think did it, burn those emails, or draw it on the paper…say BURN MAGIC BURN..before each item is placed in the fire…for example, you can say BURN MAGIC BURN…REMOVE ALL LINKS TO any hair that was used to tie me to the evil, BURN MAGIC BURN, remove all connections and ties to ….anything can be used or symbolized on the paper.
    The salt purifies the energies.
    Then, collect all the ashes and throw them into a moving body of water….away from your home….a storm drain many blocks away that will move away from your house is good…When you release the ashes, pray very hard to God that all negative energies leave your life forever…you may say a “banishing prayer”from the Quaran…this would be very powerful…

    I know this works…it is a sure thing. It may seem weird, but don’t let that stop you….if you have tried many things, and nothing has worked…try this. I am sure you will see the results. I have been in agonizing hell for about 8 years. This is the one thing that has made a difference for me. I have tried hundreds of prayers.

    It can be repeated as often as necessary….you may find that the evil comes back through different people, because the evil has made a connection through those people to get to you……so the ritual can be repeated with any people you see the negativity may be connected to as well…anyone from your past that you still talk to now, should be included in this ritual….you just say “BURN MAGIC BURN, REMOVE ALL LINKS TO (this person) that is tying the evil to me…

    And imagine it all going away from you and God totally healing you.
    God Bless all of you who may be suffering…

  4. It is absolutely disgusting and appalling that anyone would try to fool someone into thinking they were an amil, and then do black magic on the person they are claiming to help…but sadly, these are the times we live in and it actually happens every single day…
    Yes, magic can be done using your picture that is printed from the internet or email…but, not ALL people will do magic from a picture….some TRUE healers may require a picture in order to gain access to you on the higher spiritual realms, and providing a picture, gives them a conscious permission to access you. When they do so, they may be legitimate in trying to actually HELP you and not HARM you…however, you must be VERY careful in deciding. So please do not think that ALL people who are asking for pictures will be trying to harm you because it is just not true. Please also do not be misled….some people who advertise may be legitimate, IN THE WESTERN COUNTRIES THINGS ARE DIFFERENT….however, MOST OFTEN A TRUE HEALER WHO CAN FIX THESE PROBLEMS KNOWS THAT THESE PROBLEMS CAUSE FINANCIAL CRISES AND SHOULD OFFER TO WORK ON YOU FOR A SMALL FEE, IF NOT FOR FREE. It is important to distinguish the difference to people in the western countries, because things work VERY differently there, then they do in other areas of say, Pakistan and India, for example.
    With all that said, I would not post your picture on the net in any way, and remove your picture from any public arena, so as not to expose yourself to the possibility of such people, who may think it is fun to ruin people’s lives. If you feel that you may be a victim of black magic, remove any such pictures immediately.

  5. Yusha bhai
    what if the person gets the print out of the picture….sent via email….then can magick be done on it…….
    I also know some of the fake amils on net who every 6months change their website and fool people….for ur info. as I used to send emails with fake name and fake ids to check their reality…..can u imagine in every case amil used to write ur work is impossible but wth our amal all wll b fine…how can every case be impossible……
    fooling innocent people is not permissible in islam but what to say of the so called wise people….internet is often used by educated masses and u know By GALLUP survey mostly rich girls and families go to amils..peers and get victimised..some were sexually assualted by aamils who went to their astanas and they used to blackmail girl by tapes and hence used to successfully conquer their hollow mind…..may ALLAH bless us all and guide us towards righteous path.ameen

  6. Thank you very much for providing the data to show everyone that the so called people who advertise as amils are fake. Thank you for helping me in this fight against these dirty money hungry dogs who play with people’s lives pretending to help them.

    It depends on how the photo was sent. If it was sent through mail in an envelope etc then yes, magic can be done on it. If the picture was sent through an e-mail etc then i don’t know. Basically, if it can be held in one’s hand, then magic is possible. If otherwise, then i’m not sure.

    Fathers name is just as effective as mothers name. The only reason that people ask for mother’s name is because if the person is not the legitimate son/daughter of the father, then magic will not work.

  7. can sifli amal or magick be done on someone’s picture ?
    can magick done with father’s name is as effective as with mother’s name…wana know as boy in my family gave this two info to amil who advertised and didnt provide results

  8. I wana share our personal family experience that a boy wanted to marry a girl, he contacted amil advertised on internet. he was first told that their birth charts zaichas r closed and the work is impossible as girl was leaving for abroad and amil said across seven seas no amal works only muakills can do the work…and warned him tht if he didnt go for it then she might get married somewhere else…that stupid paid him for hazri kharcha and then amil aked that muakill wants sadqa , then said their work could only be done thru blackmagc… on and so forth..almost he spent around 900 pounds on that stupid thingy and at the end didnt achieve that amil has changed his name and rearranged his website and playing with people’s money and destiny………moreover now he came to know that he is black magicians…..and failure..firsty how far one can go to achieve selfish desire of achieving someone and then losing imaan on the crossroad…
    pls people follow yusha cure for blackmagic as its permitted in shariat….he is giving ruqya for blackmagic victims….
    mroever stop contacting someone online ad dont lose ur faith and peace..
    Yusha bhai i wana ask u can magic be done on picture of a person if someone has it….moreover can magic is evenly effective if someone knows ur father’s name…..I wana know it for my information as guy just told his father’s name and also stupidly gave him his photo..

  9. how to remove black magic done to a person by not meeting him personally…jus at home…pls reply cos there is a serious condition at home

  10. So now we know why you don’t write under your real name. You think someone do black magic on you and will deprive you of whatever you have. Apparently you don’t believe that Allah can protect you from black magic!


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