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In some forms of magic, all that is required is the mother’s or father’s name. In others, your date of birth. It is extremely important that a person does not give personal information on any website, least of all to people claiming to be amils on websites. In this day and age, everyone wants to earn money in any manner possible. Until now, we had heard of fake amils advertising in the paper but it is shocking to see how many people have now started websites claiming to be amils. One thing is obvious, they are all fakes. They always want money first, and then they will send you some taweez to wear. Taweez is for protection. So where is the cure?

Let’s say that a person claiming to be an amil on some website is actually a Black Magician. He does something on you to control your mind. Then what are you going to do? You will keep spending on him because your mind will become numb to this. In your eyes he will be a savior because of the effect of the magic he has done on you using your personal information.

People who advertise are also fakes. Real amils never advertise. Many of them are fakes and some are actually Black Magicians and when a person visits them they do some magic to control his/her mind. Then that person is ruined financially. He/She will now do whatever the Magician tells them.

Some fake amils actually tell people that they will need to sacrifice this many goats and this many sheep to rid the person of magic. Then the fake will tell the person that they don’t need to worry about the goats and sheep, he will buy it hmself. All he needs is the money. So this innocent person will hand the fake thousands of rupees.

Everyone is responsible for himself/herself and it is about time people started exercising common sense. It is about time people stopped posting personal information on websites and visiting fakes who advertise.

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  1. As Salamualykum, Brothers and Sisters

    The more read iloveama’s replies the more I’m convinced that every one should stay away from this person. if you are a muslim, please, for your eman and for Allah, the Almighty, stick to The Holy Quran and the Sunnah of The Holy Prophet (PBUH). do your search on google and yahoo, youtube, there a number videos that explain very well what I mean. please do not go to Amils for help, they use Jinns, which is Haram, and Allah knows best.

    سُوۡرَةُ المؤمنون

    وَقُل رَّبِّ أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنۡ هَمَزَٲتِ ٱلشَّيَـٰطِينِ (٩٧) وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ رَبِّ أَن يَحۡضُرُونِ (٩٨)

    Sura Al-Mumenoon
    And say: “My Lord! I seek refuge with You from the whisperings (suggestions) of the Shayâtin (devils). (97) “And I seek refuge with You, My Lord! lest they (should come near) me.” (98)

    May Allah, The Almighty, guide us all to the true and pure understanding of Islam, based only on The Holy Quran and Sunnah of The Holy Prophet (PBUH), and may Allah protect us from the Evil Eye, Jinns, Black Magic, Ameen.

  2. Anyone visited the website of iloveamma, or contacted him/her? I would like your comments about him/her, was he/she able to help anyone of you seriously, how many of you think that this can also be a fraud game? I am not saying that it is, but on internet, you cannot trust anyone, may be he/she is very honest, but trust requires time to develop.
    So anyone of you if been in contact with him/her, please
    post your comments here.

  3. badly effected..
    Hi..I tired to leave my email but they did not let me…
    I will post my email for a few days…
    I do not really want people to be contacting me through my site, so when you contact me, I will take the email down.
    May God bless you..
    read what I have on the site now….you can get immediate relief.

  4. To Mo…
    I did not see what you posted until now, so I will try to answer you now.
    Yes, healing and black magic can BOTH be achieved without meeting someone. I explained how that works through the astral planes. This is why it is important to try to stay private in your life. Because there are so many problems in the world with people doing this stuff, I suggest not giving out your personal information OR posting pictures on the internet. Anyone can be a victim to someone with evil intentions.

    If you were told to burn the incense, it is to purify the energies of your room or home, in order to bring more positive energies in…Burning the incense of sandal or sandalwood is very purifying, along with an herb found in the west called WHITE SAGE…dried this incense was used by Native American Indians in North America (and consequently all over the world) to purify and release all negative energies…for purifying, this white sage is my favorite and is very effective and smells notice a difference when you burn it in that you will feel lighter and clearer instantly…certain herbs have certain healing properties. Before allopathic medicine was invented, medicine was derived SOLELY from our plant life. Most of the incense and herbs that people burn are still derived purely from our plants some do have perfume added…if you were told to burn it, it is for your own good and you will find it brings positive feeling to your space.
    badly effected…
    I will try to post my information here, but I am not sure if they allow it here…my web-site is
    If they do not allow me to post it, you can click on the name iloveamma and be taken to my site. I only have 3 pages up, but every second day there should be another page coming so you can check back.
    My email is [withheld]
    I will try to check my email as often as possible…Blessings to You…

  5. To iloveamma
    Can you please display your contact information,
    I realy badly need to discuss something with you
    please please please reply.


  6. well I totally agree to Yusha’s article of how these days people r making other’s fool by advertising themselves as aamils…..what hurts is our weak faith….as a Muslim we must read Quran daily and perform 5times regular prayers and donot succumb to superstitions of being victim of black magic…though black magic does exist but we should not reveal our personal information, full name, mother’s or father’s name. city, pictures to anyone on the website as afterall u cant see who the hell is sitting across this machine called “Computer”…all I wrote was what happened with my family member and friend they both lost their money and didnt achieve their selfish desires….afterall reputation and money is hard earned so we must keep this in mind that we should not trust a stranger completely….
    pls stay away from fakes and fraud healers…..

  7. thanks for the reply, by the way, can healing, or cursing someone with black magic be achieved at long distance without meeting the victim/patient? and seriously, what are the significance of incense, i was told to merely burn them in my bedroom, what an earth is that about?

  8. I also want to be clear about the whole mother’s name and thing. Just because someone may ask for the names of your parents, does not mean that someone is practicing magic. I consider myself a religious scholar, and an expert on this topic. And I understand that Islam has very strict rules and guidelines about what can be termed sinful and against Islam. So, I feel that it is important to point this out. Very important. Because if you are fearful of magic or being hurt by it, the chances are higher that it will effect you. Like attracts like. So it it important to let go of your fears about it. Do not get caught up in being afraid of black magic.

    However, Mo asked good questions that I will attempt to answer.

    The names of your family members is most often used to direct the energy. It does NOT mean that your family will also be harmed or cursed by someone doing black magic. If they do obtain your family names, then it means the dark energies can be directed at the victim more accutely and more potently. It is also a way to psychically look at you. Because we are all one spirit, and we are all connected, those with spiritual gifts, who are able to see the future many of whom have done some by birth, or those who obtain these powers through the use of magic, are able to find you in the spiritual realms. using your parent’s names make it easier to find and access you and your life. Many magicians have the ability to see into what is called the astral plane. It is the realm of spirit, where we are all one and all creations of God. Those who are able to work magic, are doing so on this plane of consciousness. In this astral plane, you have what is called an astral body. This is a spiritual body, just like your phsical body, and it is this part of your being that magic is effected. When this part of the body is accessed, it effects your entire physical life, well/being, and health.

    Just because someone has incense does NOT mean they are practicing magic. You can look up what patchouli means on the internet.

    Many magicians who want to harm you, will do magic around the night of the full moon, or the night before. This is when the energies of the Universe are most potent to create new things. Or magic for creation is often done when the moon is waxing, which is two weeks out of the typical four weeks of the cycle of the moon, when the moon is getting full. Magic that is done to remove things is often done around the new moon or when they want to remove something during the waning of the moon when it moves from full too dark. But magic can be successful at anytime.

    Magic will effect you typically within 3 days of when the spells are cast. This is about how long such things take to root themselves into the physical world.

    Anyone can do magic at anytime if they want to. Ignorant people are doing searches on the internet for black magic and unknowingly ruining their own and other peoples lives.

    There is no one way to heal magic. I will post my web-site here when it is through…I am making a huge web’-site about this topic. The ONLY way to truly be healed from magic is through GOD. Magic will never effect anyone, unless it is God’s will…therefore He is the only one who can remove it. It is often a means to bring us back to otherwords, he causes us to be effected by negativity so we will cry out to HIm for help. In this way, he brings us to Him. Whoever God is for someone, is how they will be healed. They will call out to their God and this is how they can get help. Once black magic has been done on someone it can be very difficult to remove. If it has been going on many years, it is even more difficult to remove. The quarna is wonderful, and so are other ancient religious prayers. Now this may be controversial, but other prayers are also powerful and can connect one to God. Therefore a Hindu can do certain chants and religious practices, and same with Jews, or whoever. WHAT they do is not important, in terms of prayers. The Vedas, the Old testament and the Quaran are what I have found to be the most powerful to attempt to remove these issues. It is the fact that people call on GOD. This is what will help to heal them, for when they call on God, God will come to help us.

    yes, by obtaining your information, magicians, if they do not already have them, can perform spells in order to gain the powers to see into your life. They do this by what is knowns as astral travel and they go into that plane of consciousness in order to see you, and that is where they can harm you. In the astral plane. It is also important to know that is where you can also get healed. Not all people who are practicing magic are trying to harm you. There are many who are only healers, using their powers to help heal those people who may be victims of black magic. These people are soooo badly needed because they are only a handful of people who are legitimate and who you can trust and they are VERY hard to find. I will be posting the names of those people on my web-site soon.

    Bin Laden was never in hiding. My God, don’t you think the US would have found him by now? They have the most expensive military powers in the history of the world. There are MANY psychic experiments and spiritual research being done by the governmental heads, as well as practicing magic. How do you think the US got to be in control? I have read and seen MANY instances that they are in fact using magic in order to obtain control and power over people. many magicians are power and control freaks. They want to be in control over everything. This is why they do magic. If you don’t do what they want you to do, then they may do black magic on you. Again, not all are like this. But many.

    yes, numerology and symbols are used in black magic. BUT…NOT all numerology or symbol using are BAD or have BAD intentions or are magic. Magic is all about adding power to INTENTIONS. If the intention of the magician is GOOD…then the result should be positive. The definition of magic should be considered using fires, herbs, incantations and objects in order to control, manipulate or harm…this is what black magic is.
    Hope that helps.


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